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How Moovaz Acquired Despite Being Founded Less Than 3 Years Ago

Ever wondered how an acquisition could be made by a young international relocation company in less than three years since its founding?

Our Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer, Jerry Chua, recently sat down for a chat with Novocall, a sales automation software company. Jerry shared about Moovaz’s growth strategy, and how the startup managed to acquire Singapore Press Holdings’ expatriate publication, The Finder, in less than three years since its founding.

Tip 1: Be focused

Relocation is highly complex and Moovaz focused on figuring out the golden formula that we could replicate and customise for other markets as we expand. 

Tip 2: Quickly form your network

Forging alliances and strategic partnerships to create the ‘network effect’ quickly helped the startup to scale at speed. 

Tip 3: Find the right partners

While expanding the partnership network was important, it was more necessary to find the right business partners. For Moovaz, that meant working with businesses that offered quality complementary products and services, which added value to Moovaz’s own clients. For instance, property, immigration and finance solutions for expatriates arriving in Singapore. 

Tip 4: Acquisition

Finally, aside from partnerships, it was important to make strategic acquisitions. Acquiring The Finder was beneficial for Moovaz, as it allowed the company, as an international mover, to add a new aspect of community-building to its tech ecosystem.

Read the full interview to learn how Moovaz, a three-year-old international relocation startup, grew to expand and acquire. 

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About Novocall

Novocall is a web callback solution that proactively converts web visitors into call leads, anywhere in the world. Its sales automation tool improves conversion rates by simplifying business conversations for sales teams, agencies and B2B businesses. 

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