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How Much Does It Cost to Move My Items Overseas?

Before calculating the cost of moving your items, the total volume of your items needs to be calculated first. At Moovaz, the platform offers many international removal companies that provide typical on-site surveys, but if you are unable to set aside time for this, we offer innovative self-service options to accurately generate the volume of your items at the comfort of your own pace.

Given the Covid situation, most removal companies might conduct a video survey and DIY instead of an on-site survey to reduce contact.

How is an on-site survey performed?

For an on-site survey, you will need to schedule an appointment with our professional surveyors to visit your home. You may do this through our website, where you can simply input your move details and select the ‘on-site survey’ option.

During the appointment, our surveyor will walk with you from room-to-room and make an inventory list of your items together with the respective estimated volume. At the same time, our surveyor will also consider if you require any special moving procedures; for example, if your art pieces require special packing needs or if your suits need to be flat packed. Typically, our surveyor takes about 5 minutes to survey each room.

Once completed, our surveyor will bring you through the moving process and address any questions that you may have. Our move managers will then follow up with a detailed quotation based on the volume of your items within 2 working days.

Can I do the survey myself?

If you are a working professional with a packed schedule, or if you feel more comfortable with self-service, here’s how each option work

Video survey

This option offers you all the assurance and guidance as with an on-site survey, without actually having a surveyor visit your home. Put simply, a video survey is akin to a video call with our professional surveyor who will guide you through the process of showing us your items using your smartphone camera. Through the video survey, our surveyor will also be able to assess if your items require special moving procedures and will discuss these with you. With real-time guidance from our surveyor, you do not have to worry about missing out on any important details. This option requires only a smart device and is available 24/7, so you can perform the video survey any time without disrupting your schedule. The video survey does not take any longer than an on-site visit and could even save you time given that you do not need to make special arrangements for a visit.

DIY survey

The DIY survey functions as a guided checklist. After selecting this option on our website, a pop-up tutorial will guide you through the process of populating the checklist with items that you wish to move. The checklist has a comprehensive list of items organised according to individual rooms, allowing you to go from room-to-room to populate the list with items as you see them. If you have items that are not provided in our standard checklist, you can make a custom input of the dimensions. This option is also available 24/7 and will give you real-time volume estimates so you can decide on whether to move specific items based on the cost. The duration of the DIY survey will be dependent on the speed at which you can identify items and populate the checklist.

On-Site survey

The On-Site survey option is where the removal company will send advisor down to your place to quote after viewing the number of things, the complexity of the move and the number of workers you need.

Which option should I use?

Of the three options, the video survey is the most ideal since it will allow professional surveyors to measure the volume of your items without you having to set aside time for them to visit your home. The DIY survey could possibly be a quicker option if you have few items to move; but given the lower level of assistance, you have to be sure of your moving needs. However, if time is not an issue and if you prefer to have a face-to-face consultation with our surveyors, the on-site survey would work for you.

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