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Technology helps Businesses despite COVID-19

How technology helped these relocation businesses grow despite Covid-19

With the ever-increasing trend of global mobility, the pandemic has surely posed a multi-faceted challenge for many businesses in the relocation industry. However, there are still plenty of opportunities for businesses like these to tap on through technology driven business growth.

How Moovaz utilises technology in relocation

Moovaz is a centralized one-stop relocation platform which brings almost all types of partner services together, and is highly customisable and personalisable. This allows global citizens to better organise their relocation process.

What a partnership with Moovaz looks like

Be it a company offering pre-departure or settling in services like visa application, home search, telco set-up, providers are welcomed to onboard Moovaz platform as a partner. All Moovaz partners can expect to be listed under the Moovaz ecosystem regardless of their scope of business within the moving industry.

Moovaz Partners are able to adopt two roles. They are namely Host Partners and Vendors.

Moovaz aims for every unique partnership to enable partners to find their unique selling point, optimise customer conversion and diversify revenue streams, ultimately increasing their long-tail revenue. 

What our partners have to say about us

“It was a seamless collaboration between CM Relocation and Moovaz.”

– Mr Arvin Mansukhani, General Manager of CM Relocation

“Working with Dani and the team at Moovaz has allowed Pets Lighthouse to broaden our horizons and extend value-added services to our esteemed clients, all with minimal hassle.

The team at Moovaz really goes above and beyond to understand our objectives as a company, helping us add value to our clients and create additional revenue streams.”

– Ms Vivian Foo, director of Pets Lighthouse

“It’s amazingly easy how our clients can obtain all information they need for their relocation, including sourcing for trustworthy services worldwide.

Navigation on the platform is simple and it’s the perfect one-stop solution that goes in line and adds value to what OCSC Global offers.”

– Mr Philip Ng, CEO of OCSC Global – Immigration Services

Grow with Moovaz

Despite the frictions arising from COVID-19, Moovaz sees great potential in supporting businesses to grow rapidly in our ecosystem. It will no longer just be a dream to achieve a more integrated moving industry.

Are you looking to be part of a future relocation industry that transforms customers’ moving experience? Partner with Moovaz today!

Feel free to contact us if you wish to partner with us.

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