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[:en]How To Ease Your Pet Into A New Environment After Relocation[:]

[:en]Anything that has to do with change can be stressful for us humans. This is the same for our pets too. Your new home can be more than just a change of scenery for them. While you can’t exactly explain to your pets what’s going on, you can take actionable steps to mitigate any signs of their anxiety as both of you settle down in your new hometown.

Previously, we touched on the paperwork preparations of bringing your pets with you on your relocation journey. Now, we aim to address the emotional aspects of helping your pets adjust to an entirely new environment. While this article mostly covers cat-related advice, you can also adjust and adapt it according to other kinds of pets.

1. Prepare a bag of pet essentials

Before embarking on this trip, you’d have a bag of essentials prepared, with items like your passport, paperwork, clothes – anything you need quick access to within the first few days of your move. Similarly, your pets require one too. That way, you’ll know where to reach out to whenever they need food, toys, treats, and anything pet-specific when you first move in. As you wait for your international movers to arrive with your items, at least you’ll have the important things on hand first to help them settle in.

2. Set up your pet’s home base

Rather than letting them roam around the apartment upon entering, pick a room for them to situate themselves with. Furnish it with a litter box, fresh food, water, and some toys. During this period, keep the room doors closed as you allow them to roam around this room only. Check in on them regularly and be sure to shower them with endless love and affection. They may take some time to get familiarised with their new environment. Although, if their anxiety symptoms continue for days, then it’s best to drop the local vet a visit.

3. Let them roam around freely

After the initial few days, you can let your pets expand its territory around the house as they roam around more freely. Before this happens though, make sure that your home is pet-proof. This means wire-meshing up the windows and doors for their own safety and to prevent them from running away.

4. Remind your pet that you’re with them

It might take a while for your pets to process that this is their new, permanent home – most importantly, that this is a safe place for them to be at. Just like humans, our furry friends also experience stress and anxiety. Being in an unfamiliar environment is often a common stressor and it takes time for them to acclimate with their new surroundings.

Do try to spend more time with them or create an environment that can offer healthy outlets for their behaviour. For instance, a cat tree can provide your feline friends to stretch and scratch, and make themselves feel more comfortable. Use food puzzle toys that encourage their hunting behaviour, promote fun and reduce stress.

Get the help of a moving expert

Bringing your pets along with you takes the stress of relocation up a notch. Aside from packing and ensuring their well-being, you’d need to settle both your paperwork as well.

However, you can ease the load off your shoulders by enlisting the help of removalists in Singapore. At Moovaz, we do our best to support your relocation. From aiding in the packing process to transporting your items across the country safely, you can count on our global relocation services to enhance your moving experience once travelling is safe again.[:]


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