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How To Land A Job Overseas Before You Move Out Of Your Country

For many professionals, having a job overseas is not just a personal career goal, but also serves as a significant opportunity to experience new cities and cultures, and gain international work experience which can support long-term career growth.

Yes, taking the opportunity to work overseas can certainly be exciting! However, finding a job overseas might be daunting and adds on to the amount of stress you already have from relocating to a new city.

Getting to the point where you’re ready to move requires plenty of patience, time and research – and the best place to start is by sourcing for a job. So, before you pack your bags, here are 4 handy tips to guide in landing a job overseas before moving out of your country. Alternatively, you can Find A New Career With Our Relo Buddies Today! 

1. Start your international job hunt

Browse through various job search platforms such as Monster.com. Many recruiters post on these employment sites, with job listings that specify job description, requirements and much more. You can also upload your CV so potential recruiters can take a look at your profile and assess your skills.

You may also wish to research the areas where you would like to move to and know more about the job markets you are interested in. Be proactive by checking on your application status and check your emails consistently for any follow-ups.

2. Build and expand your network

 If you’ve ever studied or worked abroad, be sure to fully utilise any resources that your school or former employer has to offer. This can work to your advantage. Even if you have no academic experience overseas, check if your university has a global alumni network that can very much aid in your job search.

Start networking with professionals in your industry by joining online expat groups that are specific to the chosen location. For instance, if you wish to emigrate to Australia, search for Facebook groups and forums where you get to build connections and clarify any doubts about finding jobs in the area. They may also offer you some advice, helpful tips and share any job opportunities that they know are hiring.

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3. Localise your resume

When editing your resume, ensure your keywords are in line and match with the country’s local language or spelling. For instance, if you’re looking to apply for jobs in the United States, make sure to use words like ‘color’, instead of ‘colour’. If you’re fluent, challenge yourself and translate your resume to the language of the country you’re heading to as this creates a better impression.

 4. Sell yourself and let them know you’re worthy

Lastly and most importantly, convince the hiring manager that you have what it takes to earn that position. The first place to sell yourself is in your cover letter. To increase your chances of being considered, your cover letter should be mainly about your expertise and how you can add value to the company, but also include a brief explanation on your intention to relocate and move into the area.

Once you get shortlisted, be well prepared for your initial job interview. The interviewer may ask you why you are relocating – so have your story prepared so you can deliver your answer confidently and convey your genuine interest in working for the company and moving to the new city.


Once you’ve landed the job, it’s time to start packing and move into the new city! Contact a reliable removalist to ease the relocation process. At Moovaz, we aim to provide you with a worry-free and enjoyable moving experience so you can divert all your attention to settling into your new life. As one of Singapore’s trusted international relocation platforms, we have a valued network of committed partners who offer a wide variety of different global relocation services that suit your needs.

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