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Tips on How to Manage Successful Employee Relocation

Many times, companies are looking for the best fit for a role, and it’s sitting in their own office but in a different country. Factors like this often call for employee relocation, and that is a complex process. Many companies have a policy of corporate relocations. Whereas, for some, it’s a rare event that might take more time than anticipated.

The role of Human Resource management is a crucial one whether employee relocation is routine or unprecedented. An attentive and caring HR can make the whole corporate relocation process swift, smooth, and incident-less. An informed HR will make better decisions with the relocation. So, we are here to share some important tips that can be a complete game-changer with an employee relocation.

1.   Transparency About Corporate Relocation Policies

Employee relocation is a serious process. Hence, it should be ensured that all the parties agree with the terms and services that are being offered with the relocation. Often, verbal descriptions of policies can lead to confusion and increase the chances of misunderstandings. Subsequently, written clear policies can help the employee getting relocated get a real full picture. So, the number one thing for the HR to do is to be clear about their relocation policies.

The policy can include the details about payments, relocation services if offered, and all the other relevant details that are part and parcel of the relocation process. It will work best for both parties and ensure a smooth relocation. Forbes suggests learning in advance about the relocation services and using them as per need.

2.   Creating A Timeline For Employee Relocation

Employee relocation doesn’t happen overnight. Planning about it can help the relevant employee in having a smooth transition from one place to another. A vital part of that is creating a timeline for the relocation. HR can create a timeline or take assistance from professional movers in assessing the time it will require to relocate. Moovaz is a one-stop international relocation platform that has helped hundreds of clients have a smooth relocation. So, they can be of great help in coming up with an estimated timeline.

Forbes suggests taking the time to know the new place and its environment before settling in it. So, If the company’s resources and policies allow, the relocating employee should be allowed to go see the new city/country before they move in. It can help them tremendously in planning the future in a better and more positive manner.

3.   Outsource Relocation Service Providers

HR managers can outsource relocation service providers that will help their employees peacefully relocate from one place to another without any hassle. Corporate relocation will go much smoother with outsourced relocation service providers like Moovaz. The professional and experienced people at Moovaz have made relocation better and faster. Whether a person is looking for short-term relocation, pet relocation, or looking to seek some immigration services, they can help and assist in the process.

4.   Consider The Differences Between The Cost Of Living

Forbes suggests that the employees should look at and analyze the difference in cost of living before relocating. Hence, HR’s role in aiding corporate relocation should go beyond the traditional assistance in such cases. There are several areas they can help with, including help with childcare, loans for mortgage conversions, and more. A significant salary increase can also be a huge plus point and stress reliever for the employee in such a scenario.

5.   Provide Help In Managing The Family Split During The Corporate Relocation

Most people plan to move along with their families while relocating. However, several factors can come in the way – delayed visas or year-end at educational institutes for children. All of this can force families to live apart during a vital transition. It can be difficult for the employee as they’re trying to adjust to a new place while dealing with loneliness and logistic struggle in the back. An aware and supportive HR can make this process and duration seem less daunting and exhausting.

6.   Provide Social Support During A Corporate Relocation

People leave their whole social circles behind when they move to a new location. It can be hard to socialize, make friends and start from point zero. An attentive HR can play a vital role in making sure that their new employee has social support. A nice way to do that would be to arrange lunches where they make the team and get to know people better. Companies that provide access to fitness clubs and other places can give new employees access to these places. Facilities as such can pave the way in helping them meet new people.

7.   Support In Helping Them Adjust To The New Environment

Corporate relocation might be a linear process. However, the adjustment period for the new employee isn’t. So, being supportive, understanding, and attentive during that period can go a long way in helping the employee settle well into their new role. It can also help take the stress off them of making a great first impression. Instead, a warm and supportive welcome will make them feel at ease, and they can adapt to the new role in less time.

8.   Incorporate The Human Element In The Transition

The world is digital, but employee relocation doesn’t have to be completely digital. Incorporating and maintaining the human element can help in a better relocation. Technology is of utmost help when it comes to keeping track of several things at once while the relocation is in process. However, completely digitalizing the process and removing the human element can seem daunting. HR can schedule small meetings before the relocation to get an update, provide assistance and be of value.

 A successful corporate relocation is of immense value – for the company and the employee. It can help open doors to new possibilities for an employee while helping the company find the right fit from within. Hence, it is vital to handle employee relocation with care and attention. A happy and well-settled employee will only end up as being an even bigger asset to the organization, proving that the relocation was a success.

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