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How To Move Out Of Bangalore During A Pandemic

The idea of covid travel is completely different from pre-covid travel. Like the rest of the world, India also faced the wrath of covid. However, different cities and states dealt with the pandemic according to their resources and case count. The tech-city Bangalore saw a major shift as many people were looking for how to move out of Bangalore. The prime reason behind the move was uncertainty, Bangalore travel restrictions, India covid travel restriction, and the need to be with or near family in such hard times.

Karnataka government has laid out specific and detailed instructions for people travelling to and from Bangalore. International covid travel isn’t banned. However, covid international travel India has some guidelines and instructions that should be followed. Bangalore travel restrictions allow international travellers entry into the city, but quarantine is in place for people that are showing symptoms of the COVID virus. Initially, with the first and second wave, people with zero symptoms were to quarantine at facilities like hotels and will be tested upon their travel. They will be tested again on the 12th or 14th day to ensure that they’re still negative before they go out. Travellers with existing covid symptoms or those who test positive on their first test will be moved to a Covid Health Care centre for institutional quarantine of 14 days.

Many people are collecting information from Bangalore travel restrictions on how to move out of Bangalore during this pandemic. However, the task of gathering all the relevant information about how to move out of Bangalore can be time-taking. Hence, we are here to shed some detailed light on India covid travel restrictions and things you should know.

Current Bangalore Travel Restrictions

Bangalore travel restrictions are both for people coming into the city and people leaving the city. The third wave of Covid has had a huge impact on the city and has forced the government to rethink its travel restrictions. Currently, passengers coming from Goa and Keralaren’t required to get PCR tests done upon their arrival in Bangalore. However, they must come with a full vaccination certificate.

Each state in India has a different covid and covid travel policy to deal with covid depending upon the number of rising cases and health concerns. Bangalore is the tech capital. The rise in Covid forced several people to rethink their decision of staying in the city without any family nearby. Hence, many people left for their hometowns to live with their families. It impacted the rental situation in Bangalore, where landlords reduced the rents because of low demands.

Moreover, many people were still on the lookout for how to move out of Bangalore as the cases kept increasing. People opted for booking flights, if possible, to their hometowns while ensuring they have all the necessary documentation, including the negative covid RT-PCR test and the self-declaration form.

Bangalore Travel Restrictions For International Passengers

India covid travel restrictions as part of Bangalore travel restrictions apply to all the international passengers coming to Bengaluru Airport. These restrictions are as follows

  • A self-declaration form on the Air Suvidha portal should be submitted with travel details for the last 14 days.
  • International passengers coming to Bangalore should either have a negative PCR test done 72 hours prior to the flight or present their full vaccination certificate.
  • India covid travel restrictions specify that Passengers also need to sign an undertaking specifying that they will abide by the orders and instructions of the government regarding their covid travel and stay.
  • Passengers will also undergo thermal screening at the BLR Airport.
  • Passengers found symptomatic after the thermal screening will not be allowed to board the flight. Only asymptomatic passengers will be allowed to board the flight.
  • As per India covid travel restrictions, 2 percent of the passengers will also have to undergo random testing at the airport. These passengers will be selected by the airline. Additionally, the airline will also collect the samples.
  • Passengers are required to download the Indian Government tracing app, Aarogya setu app, on their mobile phones.
  • Passengers arriving in Bangalore should closely monitor their health for the next 14 days.
  • Children under the age of 5 are exempted from all kinds of tests.

Bangalore Travel Restrictions For Departure From The City

The state government has relaxed many of the restrictions that were initially in place. However, some compulsory guidelines still need to be followed when looking for how to move out of Bangalore. Covid travel is happening, but taking the necessary precautions and following the guidelines can help prevent further outbreaks while keeping people safe and sound. Following are the guidelines for people looking to move or go out of Bangalore.

  • Passengers departing from Bangalore should submit a true and complete self-declaration form at the Air Suvidha portal. Additionally, it should include their travel details for the last 14 days.
  • They are also required to download the Indian Government tracing app, Aarogya setu app, on their mobile phones. They’re also required to upload a negative COVID RT-PCR report done 72 hours before the journey. Alternatively, they can also upload their full vaccination certificates on the Air Suvidha Portal.
  • Different states have their protocols for passengers arriving from Bangalore and other cities. You can check the latest updates over here at the official portal of BLR.

Necessary Quarantine Orders

The Ministry of health and family welfare has released revised new guidelines for quarantine orders. As per the new instructions, a 7-day quarantine is no longer mandatory for international passengers arriving from different countries. However, they do need to present their submitted self-declaration form at arrival.

Moreover, Passengers found symptomatic during thermal screening will be isolated and taken then taken to a medical facility. Passengers testing positive will have their contacts identified and managed then. The government’s Covid guidelines state that travellers monitoring developing symptoms and signs of Covid-19 should immediately self-isolate and contact the state helpline or the government helpline at 1075.

What To Prepare?

Passports are, without a doubt, the most important document when it comes to travelling. However, the changing landscape due to Covid has made other documents important as well. The latest updates about covid travel suggest that the Government of Karnataka has scrapped the need for a negative covid certificate for travellers coming from Kerala, Goa, and Maharashtra. The commuters coming from these three places should carry a complete COVID vaccination certificate while entering Bangalore.

However, Bangalore travel restrictions specify that a negative COVID RT-PCR report is required to be presented by passengers coming from international borders. 56% of the total Indian population is fully vaccinated by now. The government is taking prompt actions to take this figure even further.

Airlines Serving Flights Out Of Bangalore

A plane is above the clouds.
The plane is above the clouds.,3d render

There are several airlines several flights out of Bangalore to many local and international destinations. Bengaluru airport is the third largest airport in India and offers non-stop passenger flights to 91 destinations in 20 countries. Bengaluru Airport is offering 65 domestic flights to different destinations in India as well. Some of the airlines offering these flights are as follows:

  • IndiGo Airlines
  • Spicejet
  • Go Air
  • Air India
  • AirAsia India
  • Vistara
  • Air-India Express
  • Alliance
  • American Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Emirates
  • Etihad Airways
  • Fly Dubai
  • Go Air
  • Gulf Air
  • Japan Airlines
  • Kuwait Airways
  • Malaysian Airlines
  • SriLankan Airlines                  

COVID has impacted everyone around the globe. Some countries were impacted more than others. India was, without a doubt, in the former category. Covid international travel India also faced a huge decrease due to the rising number of cases and the health risk associated with it. Many cities and states placed travel restrictions on covid travel. Bangalore was also among them.

Bangalore travel restrictions were put in place to curb the rise of Covid and safeguard the health and wellbeing of the people. Many people working in the tech-city away from their families decided to move to their home for an indefinite period. Work from home and online classes also facilitated people in moving closer to their families. India covid travel restrictions made it harder for people to move once there were limitations in place. However, many people still managed to follow all the health and safety guidelines while travelling to their native towns.

India covid travel restrictions made it mandatory for people to get their two doses of vaccination. More individual state restrictions like Bangalore travel restrictions helped the states in controlling their pandemic situation. With a rise in cases, Bangalore travel instructions included strict quarantine orders, negative COVID RT-PCR done 72 hours prior to travel, thermal screening at the airport, submission of self-declaration form at the Sir Suvidha portal before travel, and download of Aarogya Setu app to allow the government to track people with ease.

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