How You Can Prepare Yourself For Relocation During Covid-19

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With the Covid-19 pandemic taking hold in the world today, most travels have been halted until further notice. However, if you’re looking forward to moving or relocating to a new country, the process to move abroad can be rather challenging. Experts have stated that the current situation might last until the end of the year, which means that any international moving and relocation would have to be postponed or delayed.

However, there are still ways you can better prepare yourself and your loved ones during this challenging period. Having a good understanding of the do’s and the don’ts  can help you with your planning before you relocate. Make the most of your time during the Circuit Breaker and find out what you can do to prepare for your future relocation.  Plan Your Journey Now! 

1. Connect with your loved ones

The relocation process can be difficult for anyone, particularly if they have to move away from friends and family. But during this time of crisis, hearing the voice or seeing the face of a loved one can provide critical emotional support, especially if they are living separately from you or in another country.

Thanks to online platforms and video-calling tools, you can also plan for activities with your loved ones virtually. Take this time to reconnect with your loved ones through a video chat or play online games together so you are able to spend as much quality time with them before you get busy with your move.

2. Setting a routine for yourself

While it is encouraged for everyone to stay home during the Circuit Breaker, being cooped up indoors can leave one restless and bored. Set up a routine to break the monotony and repetition. Try and plan your day to separate your work and down time so your routine can stay effective in curbing stress. This also can help you to avoid feeling tired and weary throughout the day. At the same time, you can schedule an hour or two to figure out the things you will need to pack and other admin essentials required for your relocation.

3. Settling your relocation plans

Have a peace of mind knowing that all of your relocation plans are completed early. One of the best ways to get started is by contacting reliable removalists in Singapore to ensure that the belongings you are planning will be transported overseas safely and smoothly. Some professional international movers provide interim storage facilities too so you can keep your belongings in the meantime until the relocation plan is back on track.

4. Keep updated on the news

Stay on top of the latest news regarding Covid-19. While travel restrictions may not be lifting any time soon, you can continue to be aware on how you can prioritise your health and protect your loved ones. Slowly but surely, we can overcome this challenging period of time.

Here at Moovaz, our global relocation services ensure that we are able to transport your belongings and relocate you to your new home smoothly. As one of Singapore’s trusted an international relocation platform that provides relocation assistance and the capability to engage different services throughout your whole relocation journey, we are ready to provide you with a worry-free relocation when the time is right for travelling again.

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