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Human Touch in the Digital Age – Companies that have leveraged on it to improve their Customer Experience Journey

The digital age has completely transformed the way business is conducted around the world. Almost every single business across the globe now prioritizes utilizing technology as much as they can. Of course, this is to be expected considering the seemingly endless array of benefits that come from utilizing technology and digital solutions within a business. Companies are able to streamline various tedious tasks and workflows, improve production and overall output, and provide a better experience for their employees through the use of digital solutions that have grown popular over the years.

It’s absolutely natural to expect companies to rely so much on technology nowadays considering the sheer number of benefits there are for doing so. Digital tools of many different kinds can be used to reach out to customers more effectively, figure out their needs and requirements better, and simply provide them with a better overall experience. It also goes without saying that digital tools and solutions have enabled companies and organizations to become much faster and more effective with their services. Scan and go payment gateways at checkouts, for instance, allow customers to avoid the hassles of long checkout lines thereby improving their shopping experience by a tremendous amount while also saving them a significant amount of time.

The Importance Of The Human Touch

In spite of all the benefits of digital solutions, however, it’s absolutely undeniable that it’s still critical for any business entity to have the human touch. No matter how many elegant and effective technological solutions companies offer to customers, human touch is something that these companies simply cannot progress forward without and the success stories of many modern-day companies are a testament to this. These successful companies could absolutely automate their processes even further in order to make them efficient but they don’t do so as this comes at the cost of reducing the amount of human touch there is within their operations.

Some of the most successful companies around the globe are fully aware of the value that the human touch brings to a consumer’s experience. Success stories of companies like Spotify which generated 7.85 billion Euros of revenue in 2020 demonstrate how these companies put a significant amount of emphasis on the aspect of human touch thereby improving the experience for the consumer by a significant amount.

It’s also worth highlighting that there’s a key advantage of the human touch that technology can’t really match and this, of course, is the ability to customize and tailor experiences to the likings of customers. Automated systems are designed primarily as a one-for-all style solutions in which everyone gets the same effective and efficient service. While automation of this sort certainly sounds more pragmatic on paper, it also means that the experience would be fairly stale for the final consumer considering it’s the same experience over and over again for every single person.

With the recent times, many companies nowadays are fully aware of the importance of the human touch and customer experience. According to a report in 2020, PWC found out the number of companies investing in omni-channel experience has skyrocketed from 20% to 80% thereby demonstrating how human touch is a greater factor now more than ever when it comes to the success of a company.

Success Stories Of Human Touch Driven Companies

Human touch in the digital age :
Success Stories Of Human Touch Driven Companies

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Starbucks logo

Starbucks is a name that a majority of people around the globe are familiar with. Even if you don’t have a Starbucks franchise within your country, it’s still likely that you’ve heard of it. With 32,844 functioning retail outlets as of Q4 2021, Starbucks has become the largest coffeehouse company in the world and a hallmark of success when it comes to coffee chains.

Of course, one of the biggest reasons behind the success of Starbucks isn’t necessarily the variety of products that they offer to customers but rather the emphasis they place on the human touch. The key reason why Starbucks has become such a success story over the years is that they go the extra mile to ensure that the customer experience is as optimal as it can be.

The following are some of the noteworthy methods through which Starbucks integrate human touch into their processes:

  • Writing Names; If there’s one thing that Starbucks is known for worldwide, it’s the fact that they write names of customers on takeaway beverages and this has also led to some hilarious moments and videos that have been a result of names being misheard or spelt wrong.
  • Full-fledged Drink Customization: This is perhaps one of the biggest highlights of the human touch in the Starbucks experience and also the key reason why this company has become such a success story. Customers are able to fine-tune every single aspect of their order according to their liking whether it’s the flavoring or the type of milk being used.
  • Tailored Suggestions: Thanks to their mobile application, Starbucks is able to figure out the types of drinks that you’d be interested in based on your history and then suggest them for you when you’re placing your next order.


Spotify logo

Spotify is yet another huge success story. This is a company that’s been around since 2006 and, by providing its consumers with an effective platform with a solid emphasis on human touch, it’s become one of the most significant streaming entities across the entire world. With a profit of 581 million Euros in 2021, it’s fair to say that Spotify is here to stay. There are several factors that have contributed to the success of this exceptional streaming platform but there’s no doubt that their focus on human touch is a key factor in making this company the success story that it is today:

The following are some of the ways through which Spotify has implemented the human touch into the consumer experience:

  • Personalized Playlists: This implementation of human touch is perhaps one of the biggest strengths of Spotify and one of the key reasons why this streaming platform is such a behemoth compared to its competition. Spotify is able to create data-powered fully personalized playlists based on the past listening history of a user thereby providing them with playlists consisting of new songs that they’re almost certain to be interesting while also mixing in some of their old favorites.
  • Spotify Wrapped: This yearly tradition is yet another major reason why Spotify is such a success story. Spotify Wrapped basically rounds up all of its users’ listening data and combines it into stats that these users can then share on their social media. This actually provides quite a bit of insight into a user’s preferences and interests
  • Personalized Suggestions: Alongside making playlists, Spotify also keeps suggesting new music to people based on their past listening history and the platform has actually become quite adept at providing reliable suggestions.

How Moovaz Can Help

The aforementioned companies are success stories that demonstrate exactly why the human touch is so critical even in today’s digital era. Further digital transformation is no doubt inevitable so it’s up to companies now to manually implement the human touch into their customer experience otherwise they’re almost certain to fall behind. Any company or entity that wants to leave a mark in today’s era simply must emphasize greatly on human touch otherwise they’re setting themselves up to fall behind by default.

Here at Moovaz, we value human touch and position it as a core of our features. Our professionally-trained team of Relo Buddies are at your service to make sure every journey is smooth, first time, every time. Partner with us today to optimise the customer experience for your clients.

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