India's relocation landscape

India’s Relocation Landscape – A Fragmented & Rising Industry

The relocation landscape is highly unorganized and competitive in India. To avoid scams or unsatisfactory, individuals are generally advised to seek out licensed, insured, experienced relocation service providers that aim to provide quality services.

Technology is essential in the relocation industry, especially in this day and age. Besides making the process easier to manage and track, there are specific problems that only technological advancements can solve. With a tech-based relocation, the operations and the industry itself gain many advantages such as streamlining policy creation, adding relocation benefits, easier administration and much more. it also helps the company to stand out as an innovative and tech-forward organisation in such a big and competitive market.

There has also been an increasing demand for relocation applications since it makes things easier than before. Through relocation apps, not only is there an improvement in services but easier communication. As a result, immigration and relocation companies are choosing tech-enabled apps to provide an easy and hassle-free experience to their customers. Relocation apps also provide plenty of adjustable options that allow customers to hire services immediately or as and when they require them.

The future of global mobility

1. Streamlining the Fragmented Relocation Industry in India:

India is the world’s fastest-growing economy, with the moving and relocation industry also expanding. According to the CEO magazine in India, with the absence of government law with their regulatory board for tracking, moving and relocation industry growth has increased to the point where anyone with knowledge and capital can start their own business. Regardless of what’s happening, the moving and relocation industry is still speedily growing, and players who are organized and skilled are setting new standards and adding value to the industry.

The benefits of businesses from Moovaz product

Moovaz provides a one-stop platform, housing an ecosystem of partners, namely immigration consultants, movers, pet relocators, property agents, education consultants, financial solutions, etc. Our one ecosystem meets customers’ demand with a seamless and worry-free end-to-end relocation process, covering all their moving needs. The ecosystem, having more service providers on the platform, offers a large variety of services to global citizens. The platform enables relocating global citizens to find all necessary services while ensuring the partner companies onboard are bound to increase their value and reach to individuals.

2. Increased Movement Towards Tech-Based Relocation Practices

India’s relocation landscape is one of the most affected since COVID-19 sent a wave that was carried on to border restrictions and safety measurement. The impact of COVID-19 was bittersweet with a few positive and negative effects, with some effects that were long-lasting and could possibly give way to a new behavioural change in the way we conduct relocation business.

Building a digital ecosystem that connects, automate and analyze

To capture the potential economic value that we size at a macro level, businesses will need to deliver digital technologies at a micro level.

Three digital forces are as follows:

  • Greater ease with which people can connect, collaborate, transact and share information.
  • The opportunity for companies to increase productivity by automating routine tasks. 
  • The greater ease in which organizations can analyze data to make insights and improve decision making.

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Relocation Industry in India

The normalisation of no-contact deliveries

With the effect of COVID-10 and keeping safety distancing in mind, many organised players changed their services to allow online payments, e-billing and invoicing and online document uploading or updating.

Suffering of transport

Many workers were temporarily out of work as business was down. Even freight prices were unstable due to the global supply chain situation.

Increasing safety precautions

Customers expected and trusted companies to ensure that complete care was taken during the move, such as ensuring that no theft occurred.

3. Predicted Rise in Demand for Relocation from 2022

India has the highest annual number of migrants in the world in which every year there are 2.5 million Indians migrating overseas. The United States is the second most popular destination for Indians living abroad, after the United Arab Emirates (3.4 million). Other top destinations include Saudi Arabia (2.4 million), Pakistan (1.6 million), Oman (1.3 million) and Kuwait (1.1 million), according to mid-2019, United Nations Population Division estimates.

Indians still see the value of career improvements upon moving internationally, and thus global citizens are emerging and relocating with confidence. Companies anticipate the rise of demand for the services in the industry relocation landscape as provided.

How Moovaz can help

Moovaz is a one-stop relocation platform for global citizens. We aim to provide a relocation system to enhance the future experience of relocating citizens.  

Uncertainty shows opportunities. Partner with Moovaz now to prepare your business for the future trend of relocation!

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