Inspiring Freedom

A New Chapter

Relocation is not just any word. It symbolizes the end of one chapter and the beginning of another in the life of an expat. Be it for work or further studies, It is not the easiest of feats to accomplish. Relocation does not begin with packing, neither does it simply end with unpacking. Take it as a complex puzzle where each small piece needs to be pieced together properly to complete the puzzle. Each piece represents a task. All the tasks need to be done properly to ensure a successful outcome. This makes moving very stressful. This is why Moovaz was founded. A movement to free individuals and families from the stresses of relocation and making their journey with greater peace of mind.

Inspiring Freedom

International relocation has always been a monumental task for human beings. It takes months of planning and preparation. However, with technology, international relocation can become faster and more convenient.

Here at Moovaz, we want to help people ease their anxiety and burden from the overwhelming task of international relocation by making it a seamless, simple, and easy experience by utilizing our company’s core pillars – Technology, Knowledge, and People.

Through the usage of our proprietary technology, we can streamline the relocation process. We seek to innovate ways to provide our customers with the ultimate ease and freedom when they customise their move.

Knowledge is another core belief at Moovaz. At Moovaz, we want to provide our customers with timely and relevant information. We also want to resolve any doubts our customers might have by providing them with various international relocation services such as visa and immigration, pet relocation and spouse job support.

Besides technology and knowledge, we fundamentally believe in the power of people. We are a global community of Moving Mavens. Each member of the Moovaz team applies their expertise to make every international relocation experience a seamless and enjoyable one for our customers.

New Moovaz

We want to be the catalyst of freedom. We believe people should be enabled to move to where they want to live. That’s our promise. But we don’t just want to make promises. We want to deliver on them. We have gone back to the drawing board and redesigned what we mean to people and their experience with us. Hence our new logo. 

A bird that breaks free from the arches of the letter “M” symbolising Moovaz as the catalyst that inspires all to shift perspectives, transcend boundaries to see relocation in a different light. The three pillars of “M” embody Knowledge, Technology and People: the three forces that enable freedom. These ascending lines also convey the unparalleled flexibility and ease that one experiences when moving with Moovaz. Uplifting and Elevating, the Moovaz logo isn’t a static identity – it is dynamic, constantly unburdening international relocation and transforming it into an exhilarating and liberating experience. 

Mooving Forward

As an international relocation company, not only do we strive to be a leader in the industry, but also, we are inspired to create a World of Freedom. Here at Moovaz, we believe in a world without borders. We believe in a world where the reason behind what connects us is ultimately stronger than what is dividing us as human beings. We as a company aspire to be one global community as we inspire each other to discover what is on the other side of the spectrum. Above all, our company believes in creating a world of possibilities and freedom where relocation is as easy as stepping outside of your door.

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