Insurance Company That Covers COVID-19 For Expats

With Singapore being one of the most expensive countries in the world, living in Singapore can be expensive for expats. On top of that, medical bills can exacerbate the already-exorbitant living expenses should you contract the Coronavirus, a ubiquitous concern felt by everyone in the world.

Taking the pandemic into consideration, many insurance companies are rising to the occasion to cover against COVID-19 to help curb medical costs incurred. This way, the insured can prioritise their well being without having to worry too much about the expenses. Start Looking For Insurance With Our Consultant Today! 

Anyone with eligible work pass to work in Singapore qualifies for COVID-19 insurance.

Companies that cover COVID-19 for expats



Stay protected for a long period of time with AIA’s free COVID-19 coverage for all Singapore residents, including expats that are policyholders! The coverage is valid until 31 December 2020 and it includes $1000 lump sum hospitalisation insurance benefit and $25,000 death benefit as a result of COVID-19. It is available to all policyholders.


Effective until 1 June 2020, Manulife has committed $1 million to provide additional COVID-19 coverage to all policyholders! The coverage includes an immediate $1500 diagnosis benefit, $2000 lump sum hospitalisation income benefit for more than 5 days of hospitalisation and $30,000 death benefit as a result of COVID-19.


Unlike AIA and Manulife, NTUC Income’s Personal Accident (PA) Assurance plan covers $100 hospitalization income benefit per day (up to 30 days) instead of insuring a lump sum. The plan also provides a $10,000 accidental death benefit due to COVID-19. Additionally, the plan covers diagnosis fees, child support fees, ambulance fees and other miscellaneous fees that can impose a burden on the affected. The plan is valid until 31 August 2020.


Aviva has a plethora of plans that include comprehensive COVID-19 coverage. The plans include hospital stay, surgery, death, terminal illness and TPD due to COVID-19. You can click here to see various plans that cover against COVID-19. Existing customers who have been severely affected by the pandemic financially can also apply for a 6-month premium deferment.


Great Eastern has taken the same steps as Manulife by launching a $1 million customer care fund to help cover against COVID-19 for all existing policyholders and their immediate families! The fund covers $200 per day of hospitalisation income benefit up to 60 days and $20,000 death benefit due to the virus. The coverage ends at the end of the year.

If you are currently, not covered yet or would like to have additional coverage against this virus. You can have a look at NTUC Income. Get access to the Income – Personal Accident Assure plan that provides you with $100 per day hospitalisation income and $10,000 death coverage.

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