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International Schools in Birmingham

The number one issue for families moving abroad is the continuation of education for their children. This is especially true if you move a lot of work in an ex-pat career field where you have to shift homes every few years. The education system varies from country to country and sometimes even in cities. So, if you are leaving one country where your children have been studying to come to Birmingham, you would want to know about the international schools in Birmingham where your kids can continue their studies from where they left off without wasting years of education.

Birmingham international schools provide a top-rated education. The British education system is one of the best in the world, and the UK as a whole is brimming with diversity. Education is compulsory in Birmingham for children between 5 to 16 years of age. The city has an approximate population of 1.1 million and is located in the West Midlands of England. Whether you want to stay in Birmingham for a long time or a short period, international schools in Birmingham are great if you want your children to learn about their native land as well as the country they are staying in.

In Birmingham international schools, you will find the British curriculum being taught besides other curriculums. You can go with the internationally accepted IGCSE system, which is prevalent in most major English-speaking countries of the world. The other option in international schools in Birmingham is going for an International Baccalaureate. IB means your kids will be able to continue education from where they left in almost any place worldwide. Besides these, there are international schools in Birmingham that offer specific religious education such as Islamic/Arabic. Other international schools in Birmingham offer a combined curriculum of IB and a choice to study another language or take courses from other curriculums such as German studies.

You don’t need to fret about international schools in Birmingham, as there are multiple options to choose from. Let’s take a look at the few top options available for Birmingham international schools.

Here are the top international schools of Birmingham for you to choose from and all about how they differ in their educational system. Keep reading to find out more.

1.      King Edward’s School, Birmingham

King Edward’s School is one of the best international schools of Birmingham. It is located in the area of Edgbaston, Birmingham. In 2021, King Edward’s School was ranked as a top 10 school for enrollment in the International Baccalaureate in the UK and was also among the top 25 schools for IB in the world. This one is a public, independent school for boys and has a partner King Edward VI High School for girls, as well as an international school in Birmingham.

The boys’ and the girls’ branches are managed individually, but they do conduct some events such as sports and arts performances in combines occasions. The school started offering the International Baccalaureate diploma in 2010 and is now one of the leading courses in the area.

For the first three years, students go over a broad curriculum that includes many extracurricular activities. Latin is a necessary subject in these years, and other languages like German, Spanish, and Greek can be taken up. In the GCSE years, up to 10 subjects can be taken up. Two science subjects are compulsory here, but there is an option of choosing three or four optional subjects from topics such as arts, languages, history, and more. All students in the Sixth form study for the IB Diploma to get an internationally recognized education.

There are three terms in a year. You need to pay the fees directly or by debit before the terms start. For this year, the fee is 4885 euros, and it may vary going forward. 25 euros is paid for the application, and 400 euros is to be paid on acceptance into the school, which is refunded when the student leaves the school. You can get more information on the website of this international school of Birmingham.

King Edward’s School
Phone: 0121 415 6056

2.      Tile Cross Academy

Tile Cross Academy is another name on the list of international schools in Birmingham that is also one of the oldest in the area. This is one of the Birmingham international schools with an extensive curriculum. They focus on teaching a broad curriculum with a focus on some important CORE skills. The Key Stage 3 curriculum is built to support the transition from the Primary years to the next stage. The Key Stage 4 or KS4 teaches GCSE subjects. At this stage, a group of compulsory and vocational subjects is offered.

You can view a detailed vision and objectives of the curriculum on the website of this international school in Birmingham. Tile Cross Academy began as a school of 700 students and has grown ever since. It is a secondary school with a co-education system and is located in the area of Tiles Cross, Birmingham. The fee structure is not available on the site. You can contact the school via email or phone to get more information about one of the oldest international schools in Birmingham.

Tile Cross Academy
Phone: 0121 566 6400

3.      Mander Portman Woodward

Mander Portman Woodward is another classic name for the international schools in Birmingham. This is among one of the different and standout Birmingham international schools owing to its approach towards uniform and teaching style. This school has branches located in Birmingham, London, and Cambridge as well. It mainly offers GCSE and A-level courses in the school. Most of the students here go for A-levels courses, while IGCSE/GCSE is the second most popular choice. A one-year foundation program is taught for international students. There is about 30 percent, international students, in this international school in Birmingham with a 70 percent British population. 

The AQA Extended project qualification (EPQ) can be opted for by students, usually in the 12th year. The curriculum and study programs are tailored to what the student wants to study and the subjects of choice. You can transfer from another school here as well as the school accommodates revisions for such students here. Other than these, your child can also take up courses from the Edexcel/Pearson, CIE, OCR, WJEC, and AQA syllabuses.

The students here don’t wear uniforms and interact with teachers based on first names. You can check the requirements for admissions for international students on the website of the school. The fee structure varies with the number of courses and the level of the student. There is no fixed fee for all students. The basic fee for both A-levels and GCSE for one term is 10,252 euros.

Mander Portman Woodward
Phone: 021 454 9637

4.      St. George’s School Edgbaston

St. George’s School, located in Edgbaston, is among Birmingham international schools for girls and boys from the ages of 11 to 18. This is a Christian school in its base and has a 10% international student population. This school has a lower school, an upper school, and a sixth form. The international student population in this international school Birmingham comes from all over the world, including China, Spain, Poland, Holland, Iran, Germany, South Korea, and more.

For students coming from areas where English is not the first language or is not the language of instruction, students are offered help in the form of English as an additional language (EAL). This helps students with listening, speaking, and comprehension skills in English, and the course is integrated into the normal curriculum. EAL can also be taken as an alternative to some courses in the upper school, such as IELTS, GCSE, and Cambridge English Test.

The fee structure varies from the primary years all the way to the sixth form and more. A 5 euros pupil insurance is mandatory. For the normal term, the highest fee is for the years 7-11, which is £3,350. The fee for the rest of the years is lower than this. For the sixth form, the fee is written on the application form. There is a registration fee of £100.00 and a few other deposits. You can check the complete details on the website of the school.

St. George’s School Edgbaston
Phone: 0121 625 0398

5.      Eden Boys’ School Birmingham

This is one of the Muslim faith-based Birmingham international schools. It is a part of the Star Academies, which is one of the best education providers in the UK. Star Academies is a diverse group that runs several primary and secondary schools. Under Star Partnerships, the schools operate mainly in London, the Great Manchester, West Yorkshire, Lancashire, and the Midlands.

This school is for boys only, but it is not for Muslim pupils alone. The diverse curriculum makes it one of the best Birmingham international schools. The curriculum taught at Eden Boys’ school is very flexible. English Baccalaureate is kept at the centre of the curriculum, and the main academic subjects are those that lead to the English baccalaureate. Other subjects include math, English, humanities, arts, and more. The teaching material is based on the syllabuses of the national curriculum of the country.

The GCSE teachings are spread over three years – 9, 10, 11, so the pressure is taken off from the last year alone. All students can take subjects like history, geography, sciences, modern foreign languages, and more that lead to an English baccalaureate. You can view the curriculum booklet for each year on the website of the school.

The fee structure hasn’t been shared on their website, but you can contact them via email or phone to get more information.

Eden Boys’ School Birmingham
Phone: 0121 657 7070

International schools in Birmingham enrol students from all kinds of backgrounds and cultural diversity. Birmingham international schools are not for the children of ex-pat families anymore. International schools in Birmingham offer a way out for children when their families moved, with their world-class courses accepted around the world.

Birmingham international schools offer different immersion programs and bilingual courses. There are multiple choices, but the school you choose will depend on where you may go next or if you want the child to get to learn their native land’s language. Most of the Birmingham international schools are private and come at varying fees. Make sure to take a thorough look at the curriculum and structure of the school before enrolling your child.

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