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International Schools in London

Looking for the perfect international school in London may seem like an unnecessary task for most parents. The reason is that the British school curriculum has high regard around the world, with the curriculum being followed in most international schools. 

The difference in international school curricula comes down to the International Baccalaureate (IB). IB is highly beneficial for children who are usually on the move and travel frequently. Expat parents prefer enrolling their children on international schools instead of following a country’s national school system. 

The benefit of choosing an international school over a local school is that children can pick up their studies immediately in the new country. Since the IB curriculum is standardised worldwide, the same system is followed everywhere. 

International schools in London offer the same IB curriculum even though the national schooling system of London offers great standards. Choosing an international school helps a child stay consistent with their education no matter what country they are in. 

International Baccalaureate 

Most international schools in London offer the IB curriculum, which parents can opt for. However, these schools also provide the British national curriculum, so parents and children alike have a choice. Moreover, international schools in London also offer European curricula. 

If the students choose a European curriculum, it will be taught in both English and the European language of choice. However, IB is taught through English alone. Looking for these international schools in London will require parents to roll call the most affluent and beautiful areas. 

Location of International Schools 

Most sought-after and well regarded international schools in Chelsea, Marleybone, Kensington and Hampstead. The list goes on, but the options are never-ending. If you are looking for international schools in London in other neighbourhoods, you can find more options scattered throughout the city. 

The public transport system of London is quite extensive with an intricate combination of trains, buses and tubes. Since London is huge, the commute timings will vary and sometimes can be long when travelling between cities. 

If you do not wish your child to travel long hours between cities, another option still exists. Following the long tradition of boarding schools in the elite class of the UK, this option is still open. Boarding schools in the UK offer IB as well, which can be a great combination of experience for any student. However, these schools are not located in London but nearby cities like Canterbury and Oxford. 

Studying in International Schools in London 

Whatever option you choose, your child will get excellent education and experience. Moreover, students are exposed to many unique cultures and histories. London offers diverse cultures with people coming from around the world and bringing a little of their home to the city. This is one reason why many people choose London to get international education for their children. 

The list below is a great place to start your search for international schools in London and choose one that fits your requirements and needs. We at Moovaz have helped thousands of people to move to the UK and settle down, complete with school search and admission help. 

Here are our top 10 picks of international schools in London: 

ACS Cobham International School 

The ACS Cobham has four international schools, three of which are in the UK and one in Doha. Located in Surrey near London, the ACS Cobham is accredited by the New England Associated of Schools and Colleges and the Council of International Schools. 

This international school offers both IB diplomas and American high school diplomas. It is privately owned and offers IGCSE and a curriculum developed by the school. ACS Cobham has over 1350 students aged between 2 to 18 years and is a co-education system. 

The annual fee for ACS Cobham International starts at £12,360 for Kindergarten and goes up to £29,770 for grade 12. 

ACS Cobham International School
Address: Portsmouth Rd, Hersham, Cobham KT11 1BL, United Kingdom 
Phone: +44 1932 867251 

ACS Egham International School 

The ACS Egham is the only school from this group to offer a complete International Baccalaureate program. Moreover, it also provides the Careers Related option, which no other international school provides. Also privately owned, this school offers PYP and MYP diplomas as well. 

With over 600 students who are aged between 3 to 18, the ACS Egham is located opposite the Windsor Great Park. The New England Association of Schools and Colleges and the Council of International Schools accredit this international school in London. 

The annual fee starts at £11,940 and goes as high as £27,860. 

ACS Egham International School
Address: London Rd, Egham TW20 0HS, United Kingdom 
Phone: +44 1784 430800 

ACS Hillingdon International School 

Apart from offering the IB diploma, the ACS Hillingdon offers the American High School diploma and also has an adapted curriculum. With around 570 students, including boys and girls, the classes are offered to students aged between 4 and 18 years. 

This international school is located near central London, which is a good option for expat parents. The Council of International Schools and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges have credited ACS Hillingdon International School. 

The annual fee starts at £11,690. 

ACS Hillingdon International School
Address: 108 Vine Ln, Uxbridge UB10 0BE, United Kingdom 
Phone: +44 1895 259771 

College Francais Bilingue 

This international school in London offers a French curriculum to students aged 5 to 16 years. It opened in London back in 2011 when the city started experiencing an influx of French nationals. Francais Bilingue currently has about 670 students who either move the French lycées in London or overseas. 

Moreover, some students also transfer to the English education system by enrolling into the Lycées Charles de Gaulle. The biggest advantage is that students have the option to move to the English section, which is located in Camden, which is very close to London. 

The annual fee starts at £11,430 and goes as high as £11,600. 

College Francais Bilingue
Address: 87 Holmes Rd, London NW5 3AX, United Kingdom 
Phone: +44 20 7993 7400 

Dwight School, London 

Although this school has very few students, only 320 in total, the Dwight School offers IB, PYP and MYP diplomas. The less number of students also means a higher level of individual attention. This international school is almost historical as it was founded back in 1972. 

The Dwight School has campuses in Shanghai, Seoul and Dubai, with the first campus established in New York. The school offers a full International Baccalaureate but does not have the careers related option. 

The annual fee ranges from £5,634 to £25,500. 

Dwight School
Address: 49 Woodside Ave, London N12 8SY, United Kingdom 
Phone: +44 20 8920 0600 

Halcyon London International School 

The Halcyon London International School is located in the heart of central London and currently has around 180 students. This school offers both IB and middle years diploma programs recognised across the globe. Although not accredited yet, it is a candidate for the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. However, it is one of the only two schools in London to be accredited members of the Council of British International Schools. 

The trimester fee is around £28,305. 

Halcyon London International School
Address: 33 Seymour Pl, London W1H 5AU, United Kingdom 
Phone: +44 20 7258 1169 

Hill House International School 

The Hill House International School was founded by the infamous Colonel Townend and is still run by the Townend family since 1951. The school has over 1000 students and is located in Chelsea with a distinctive uniform recognisable anywhere. Moreover, the Hill House International School operates in Glion, Switzerland, with an overseas annexe. 

The annual fee starts at £15,000 and goes as high as £15,600.

Hill House International School 
Address: 17 Hans Pl, London SW1X 0EP, United Kingdom 
Phone: +44 20 7584 1331 

International School of London 

The Makarem family established this school in 1972, and for the first time, an IB diploma was offered in London. The International School of London currently provides programs starting from nursery to higher classes. Four hundred seventy students in the school are aged between 3 to 18 years. Students can complete IB, MYP and PYP diplomas in the prime location of Gunnersbury Park in West London. Moreover, the Council of International Schools accredits the school. 

The annual tuition fee is £19,950. 

International School Of London
Address: Primary and Middle School, Chiswick Campus, 139 Gunnersbury Avenue, London. W3 8LG. 
Phone: +44 (0) 208 992 5823 

Lycée Charles de Gaulle 

This is the largest French international school that offers A-Levels, GCSE, Brevet, French curriculum and French Bac. Lycées Charles de Gaulle has over 3600 students who are aged between 3 to 19 years. It comes under the flag of the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE) and is accredited by the French Ministry of Education. 

Lycées Charles de Gaulle was established in the UK in 1915 on Cromwell Road in Kensington. However, the school now has a separate campus in Fulham for primary classes. This campus also includes a “British Section” where secondary students can prepare for GCSEs and A-Levels exams. 

The annual fee starts at £11,430 and goes as high as £11,638. 

Lycées Charles de Gaulle
Address: 35 Cromwell Rd, South Kensington, London SW7 2DG, United Kingdom 
Phone: +44 20 7584 6322 

Marymount International School 

This all-girls international school has about 260 female students who move onto top universities across the globe. It opened in 1955 in Kingston, offering IB and MYP diplomas to girls aged between 11 to 19 years. The Council of International Schools and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools accredit Marymount International School. 

The annual tuition fee is £26,510. 

Marymount International School
Address: George Rd, Surrey KT2 7PE, United Kingdom 
Phone: +44 20 8949 0571 

International schools in London are a great option for expat families that are frequently travelling. It brings exposure and character to the studies of the children while ensuring that top education. While the list above are great options for children to study in international schools, verdicts are awaited on more international schools in London. 

Since London is a multicultural city, it offers a unique experience when it comes to education and the work environment. The cultural diversity of London alone is enough to add practical education to the life of children who are still in the early stages of education. 

However, studying in an international school does have its disadvantages. The first thing that comes to mind is the cost of enrolling your children in an international school. Since these schools are private, admissions come at a hefty fee, which only increases as the child progresses to a new grade level. Nevertheless, parents prefer these top 10 international schools in London no matter the cost. 

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