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International Schools In Manchester

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Manchester is the second most populated urban area in the United Kingdom. The city has a population of more than 2.8 million, and many of them are immigrants.

The priority for families with kids is to find the best schools. Most of them prefer international schools in Manchester because the education in these schools follows universal standards that will help the kids settle anywhere around the globe.

Generally, relocating to a new place could be stressful. Choosing a viable educational institution plays a significant role in helping kids to adjust and find friends. These schools allow students to hone their skills and upgrade their academic levels.

International schools in Manchester

Some international schools in Manchester offer International Baccalaureate (IB) system. It is the best choice for immigrant families and natives because worldwide universities recognize it. It is a standardized system that is taught in many schools worldwide.

If an expat desires to have their child study the national curriculum of their home country, it should be worthwhile to consider boarding options at international schools in Manchester. Thankfully, Manchester is home to diverse schools catering to international students in the language of the country’s origin.

If you want to apply to an international school in Manchester, know that most of them receive hundreds of applications each year. You should send an application as early as possible to secure admission to the best school. Moreover, international schools are more expensive than ordinary schools. The people willing to get their children here should be aware of the financial constraints tagging along when they admit their kids here.

Why should you choose an international school in Manchester

Studying at an international school will help students perceive a worldwide view of different aspects of life. These schools promote international education topics and build a strong foundation of cultural understanding. Studying under Cambridge International Examination or an IB Diploma brings a chance for the students to learn about new cultures and the world beyond the classroom walls.

These students also get the chance to meet people from diverse backgrounds. This helps them to learn about fighting against discrimination and enhances the sense of equality. Every student comes from a different environment. This will nurture the children’s social skills because they learn how to mingle with their worldwide counterparts.

Learning in an international environment helps students expand their horizons and understand how the world works. It allows them to look at life from a new angle and explore the best opportunities for their facilitation in the future.

What are the best international schools in Manchester

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Check out the following list of the best international schools in Manchester. Weigh your options and research well to finalize your decision.

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1. Ruthin School

This school promises to provide students with a framework to stretch their academic capabilities. Ruthin is a gentle school preparing its students to face future challenges uniquely. It focuses on building the students’ self-confidence and encouraging friendships that will last for a lifetime.

Besides academics, the school is committed to providing exceptional opportunities to its students for skill development. The skills developed help students stand in good stead for the future and improve their self-esteem. 

Many of the opportunities offered here are pursued behind the school and contribute to developing the students’ personalities. The school believes it can achieve all this because the staff is highly experienced in several areas of social and academic skills. They care about the ethics of the school and about every pupil who gets admission here.

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2. Withington girls school

Withington Girls School is an independent school for girls which brings some of the best results in the country. A wide range of extracurricular activities complements their outstanding academic brilliance.

The school aims to encourage its students to reach their best potential. Girls from diverse backgrounds are allowed here, and they are given equal opportunities. The pleasure of learning here is a reward, and no academic bonuses are presented to the students. Every girl who gets admission to Withington Girls School receives the opportunity to develop her interests and skills. They get a strong sense of responsibility that goes beyond the classroom walls and into the wider world.

 The school follows international standards of education. When skills are nurtured, and every student works at their maximum capacities, they become habitual of adhering to the standards of several countries. The skill development will also help them find career opportunities wherever they go in the future.

The following fee charts of Withington Girls School will help you to make an informed decision:

Unlike other schools in Manchester, the fee chart above includes all charges for stationery, textbooks, and examination. Most parents pay through direct debit at the beginning of a term or over ten installments in 10 months.

The school distinguishes itself from others as they celebrate diversity and help every girl think for herself. They aim that the girls leave their school with the confidence to face all future life challenges.

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3. Rishworth school

Rishworth School is an innovative, forward-looking boarding school that adheres to traditional values. It offers an educational experience that is personalized to every child’s needs. The importance of this school is based on Christian values. But, they welcome people from all faith and those with none too.

This school has a history of 300 years and occupies magnificent buildings within 140 acres of the countryside. The school believes that life beyond the classroom walls is just as significant as the class environment.

It is an inclusive school where admissions are provided to all students. The school determines the students’ abilities according to their academic talents and the ability to contribute to the school community. It offered a well-rounded education, including the flexibility to study many subjects and participate in a broad range of extracurricular activities. In particular, the school prides itself on the excellence of its STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths), music, and sport.

The school admits children from nursery to A level. This continuity of education allows the students to stay in the same environment and enrich their skills over time. The school has small class sizes, which means that it understands every child’s needs and character. Staying in the same system allows a smooth transition through the stages of an educational system and excellent preparation for further vocational training.

The fee for children at the nursery level is as follows:

As for the other years, you can refer to the following fee chart:

All the school fees are payable in advance before the first day of the first term for which they are due. But the parents who wish to pay it monthly should do it in advance.

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4. Manchester Grammar School

The Manchester Grammar School has earned the reputation of being one of the top academic schools in Manchester. The school stands to be one of the leading schools in Manchester because it educates young boys regardless of their cultural, religious, and financial backgrounds. 

The school teaches the students to think for themselves and develop a life-long love for learning. Academic experts teach the lessons to ensure that every student has an intact knowledge of the subject. Their teaching goes beyond the confines of exam syllabuses. Due to these efforts, the students of Manchester Grammar School are offered unique opportunities in their future.

Besides working on academic excellence, the school also maintains a diverse set of co-curricular activities, which allow the boys to explore new interests and develop teamwork. It produces well-rounded young men who know how to serve their communities diligently.

The range of subjects offered at Manchester Grammar School is broad, and the choice is flexible. This allows the boys to develop the strength and abilities required to pursue particular interests. For instance, a student who is passionate about languages can study about four different languages for IGCSE/GCSE.

They are preparing boys for examinations in the following subjects:

The international level of education offered at Manchester Grammar School has made it a leading educational institution that works throughout the days and nights to empower its boys.

What makes this school genuinely remarkable is the students’ achievements in several domains. 

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5. Melland high school

Melland High School believes that its diversity is its strength. It is a community with shared values that impart equal education to students from various backgrounds. The school inspires curiosity and believes in nurturing the skills of every person who steps on its doorstep.

They are working on creating a happy environment within their architecture. Pupils in this school are expected to work hard and fulfill all their obligations to reach the targets set by the school. They are committed to providing their students with an excellent and creative environment where they can explore their potential and find ways to move forward.

The dynamic and experienced team of teachers at Melland High School strives to provide quality education to students. 

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The international school landscape in Manchester is pretty diverse. According to your preferences, you can choose from an all-girls school, an all-boys school, or a co-educational school. 

The academic brilliance provided by these schools, coupled with extracurricular offered here, is compelling many immigrant families to opt for them. Such schools work on enhancing people’s skills to fit in the universal structure and improve their interpersonal skills.

Every international school in Manchester follows a pattern where they work on building the wholesome personalities of their students.

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