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International Schools In New Jersey

Entrance of a school in New Jersey
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Moving to the US, or anywhere else for that matter, can be scary, especially if it risks jeopardizing the education of your child. But with this guide, you’ll have one less thing to worry about. 

Below is a list of top international schools in New Jersey with a comparative analysis of their features so that you can make an informed decision about your child’s education in a new territory:

International Schools In New Jersey

Entrance of a school in New Jersey
Photo Credit:123 RF

1. YingHua International School

YingHua International School is a private, international school located on the outskirts of Princeton. When it comes to top international schools in New Jersey, YingHua emerges as the most attractive option for Chinese students. That’s because the school perfectly balances the dual-language education system. Dual culture immersion coupled with a co-educational system creates a diverse environment that fosters values like compassion and empathy in the heart of students. 

The offered curriculum at YingHua International School is IB’s primary years program (PYP). Other than that, international students from China have two options. There’s a short-stay program and a long-stay program. The details of the latter can be availed from the admission office. As for the short-stay program, international students are taught alongside their American peers. It lasts for about 2 to 4 weeks and provides much-needed exposure to the American language and culture. The short-stay program also acts as a launchpad for students looking to pursue higher education in the US. 

 The three steps to getting your child admitted to one of the top international schools of New Jersey are:

  1. Taking an appointment for an open house or private tour of the campus. 
  2. Spending at least a day in the classroom and attending an interview with the director of academics. 
  3. Submitting an application form and paying the due fees of $75 to secure placement. 

The final decision on admission is based on merit, where a child’s social skills, maturity level, and educational records are all considered. 

As for the tuition fees, the short-stay program costs around $5000 to $6000. And it includes facilities like lodging, trips, and sightseeing. 

The long-stay program from 6th to 8th grade costs around $33,000.

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2. Tessa International School

Tessa International School is one of the top international school New Jersey for bilingualism. The offered languages are French, Spanish, and Mandarin. And the students are taught in an immersive environment by native-speaking, qualified faculty.

The school’s core mission is to produce alumni who are happy world citizens, ready to face all sorts of academic and social challenges. What separates Tessa from other international schools of New Jersey is its focus on child’s emotional development. They follow the world’s best international curriculums. But, at the same time, students are routinely checked for signs of exhaustion or emotional fatigue. 

Tessa International School admits students from nursery to elementary years. It is one of the top schools of New Jersey that’s authorized to offer IB’s PYP. Moreover, their curriculum is unique in the sense that they believe in merging the best educational practices around the globe. For example, as a member of Mission Laique Française, they have merged the best aspects of the French curriculum with the IB approach. 

Elementary school students will be taught with the IB approach along with the European standards. They’ll be 50% immersed in the language of their choice. Besides language, students learn to appreciate the beauty of math, arts, and social sciences.

To get admitted in a particular grade at Tessa, the student must be of a certain age. For example, a kindergartener must turn 5 by December 31st of the academic year. 

If the age requirements are fulfilled, the next steps are:

  1. Submitting an online admission form with a non-refundable fee of $80.
  2. After the application, you’ll be given a virtual or physical tour of the school and interviewed.
  3. After the interview, you’ll have to submit a recommendation letter or your child’s progress report. 
  4. The school will inform you of their decision regarding your child’s admission. If admitted, you will have to pay a deposit fee to secure the spot. 

Their tuition fees are based on full-time or part-time availability. There’s a registration fee upon first enrollment that costs around $995. The after-school activities cost $25-$45 per class. 

The part-time program costs around $1875/month. In comparison, the full-time program costs around $2720/month. With extended hours, the cost increases to $3140/month. 

The school year lasts for about 10 months, and you receive a 3% discount if you pay on a lump-sum basis. 

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3. Newark Academy

Established in 1774, Newark Academy is one of the oldest international schools in New Jersey. Newark Academy believes in excellence at an institutional level as well as individual. The students’ emotional well-being, along with their academic achievements, is the central focus of this international school New Jersey. They believe in individual uniqueness and make sure that every one of their students feels valued and validated. With Newark education, your child will have a solid foundation to live a meaningful life. 

Their curriculum, as they define it, ignite the fire of intellectual engagement in students. This international school New Jersey caters to students at the middle school and upper school level. 

There are multiple curriculums they offer at the upper school level. It includes an IB diploma program, June term, and immersion experiences requirement. The highlight of Newark Academy’s upper school programs is an intellectual challenge. It’s one of the few international schools in New Jersey that promotes and awards intellectual risk-taking. 

While at Newark, international students develop the much-needed critical thinking skills that go on to help them in pursuing higher education in the states. 

At the middle school level, this international school New Jersey focuses on skill-based learning and capstone experiences. The latter instill the qualities of leadership and teamwork in students. The capstone experiences end with historical sightseeing adventures. 

To secure a future with one of the top international schools in New Jersey, you’ve to follow the given procedure:

  • Submit an online admission form. 
  • After submission, students are required to attend an interview and complete a writing sample, both of which can be scheduled using their self-scheduler. 
  • Teachers’ recommendation letters are necessary for admission consideration. It’s required that three of your teachers send their recommendations directly to Newark Academy via its admission portal. Out of three, two teachers must’ve taught your child English and mathematics for at least a year. 
  • Applicants are also required to submit the transcripts of their previous academic years. 
  • Students are also required to appear in one of the two entrance exams, namely the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) or the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT).
  • Upon admission, an international student should reside with at least one parent. 

The detailed fee structure of the Newark Academy can be acquired from the admission department. But Newark Academy offers $3 million in financial aid to meet the costs beyond tuition. 

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4. The Wilberforce School 

The Wilberforce School is one of the top international schools in New Jersey that focuses on academic excellence along with spiritual development. This Christian, international school New Jersey directs the formative years of students towards their intellectual and spiritual development. 

And this is reflected in their average SAT scores, which is 1361. That’s the highest of any New Jersey international schools. 

They believe that faith and learning should go hand in hand. And that’s why the Christian faculty instill the importance of faith in the hearts of students. The best part is that the spiritual aspect of education doesn’t come at the cost of academics. In fact, Wilberforce graduates boast a high acceptance rate among all the international schools in New Jersey. 

Their curriculum is inspired by the biblical verse that focuses on virtues like truth, honesty, justice, purity, and love. 

In the lower school, their curriculum integrates several learning models like joyful discovery, accelerated curriculum, and habit development. The subjects taught at this level are history, geography, fine arts, Latin, and biblical hymns. 

In middle school, the focus is the shift towards mathematics, technology, and literature. Depending on the grade, students survey Old and New Testament. 

In the upper school, the students are taught via the acclaimed Trinity Schools Program that promotes the cross-cultural exchange of ideas and rigorous academic development. 

The Wilberforce School accepts international students from grades 7 to 12. But it’s necessary that one of the parents is a believer and signs the statement of faith. Their admission criteria are as follows:

  • As is the case with all New Jersey international schools, you are required to submit an online application form.
  • The application requires certain necessary documents, including a progress report and transcripts of the previous school.
  • After the application form, a visit day is arranged for the child. It includes full-day participation in-class activities and an assessment test. 
  • Applicants will be called to attend an interview with the head of middle and upper school. 
  • Application is completed once the records, references, assessments, and interviews are completed. 

Wilberforce tuition fee starts from $19,445 for grades 1-5. At middle school, the tuition fee raises to $19,980. And for grades 9-12, the tuition fee costs around $24,600. Furthermore, the application fee is worth $75, along with an enrollment fee of $150. 

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That sums up our short compilation of top international schools of New Jersey. Some of them only focused on the academic side, while others mixed-faith and learning at the same time. 

Here’s an attempt to summarize the features of the international schools of New Jersey. 

YingHua International focuses on bilingualism and cultural immersion. It forms n excellent choice for Asian international students looking to enroll in top New Jersey international schools.

Tessa International School is amongst the best international schools of New Jersey to gain expertise in languages like French, Spanish, and Mandarin. 

Newark Academy takes pride in managing the emotional well-being of a student along with their academic performances. They count among the top international schools of New Jersey due to their flexibility to accommodate the best practices of the different curricula in their program. 

The Wilberforce School is ranked at the top among the international schools of New Jersey for religious education. Not only do they focus on academic excellence, but they also guarantee the spiritual development of an individual. 

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