international schools in San Francisco

International Schools In San Francisco

If you are moving to San Francisco, whether a family move or a collective job opportunity for your parents, you don’t need to worry about international schools in San Francisco. That’s because San Francisco has a wide variety of international schools providing a range of curricula, from IB to the UK or Cambridge and even the USA. Here are some amazing international schools in San Francisco for your children that are great for building a solid academic base for your kid’s future.

Since California is a multicultural state in the US, the international school in San Francisco are welcoming, and there is no culture shock that children from other countries have to face. The schools are structured very straightforwardly, and the following is very easy. It usually starts from grade 1 and goes up to grade 12, which is the end of high school for children in the USA.

8 Best International Schools in San Francisco

1.      French American International School And International High School

If you are looking for a great international French school that can accommodate French immigrants or French American students, one of the best French schools and international schools in San Francisco is the French American International School And High School. This school accommodates children from ages as tender as 3 to 18 years. The grades start from class 1 to 12. The categorization of grades is very similar to other American schools, consisting of middle, elementary, and high schools.

The curriculum followed is the IB and French curriculum, which is quite convenient for people who wish to go back to France after their studies have been completed in the international schools of San Francisco. It is a co-educational system, and the fee structure can be opted as monthly or yearly, making it very easy for people who can’t pay the fee upfront and immediately.

French American International School and International High School
Address: Main Building, 150 Oak Street, San Francisco, CA 94102
Phone: +1 415-558-2000

2.      The Quarry Lane School

If you are looking for prestigious private schools that are also international schools in San Francisco, then the Quarry Lane school is the best option for you. The grades are divided as follows:

  • Pre-school, which accommodates toddlers to pre-kindergarten.
  • Lower school, which is from kindergarten to grade 5
  • Upper school, which is from grade 6 to 12 and it is the conventional high school

The Quarry Lane School, like other international schools in San Francisco, offers a lot of extracurricular activities on the side, which include swimming, dancing, ballet, and a bunch of different sports. The tuition fee is different in different schools, depending on the type of school you go to. The lower school fee starts from $19,000 to $35,500. It can be paid yearly or in monthly instalments throughout the year.

Like other international schools in San Francisco, scholarships are also provided by the board; the intelligent and needy children take full advantage of this perk.

This school is definitely a bit on the expensive side of the spectrum among San Francisco international schools, but it is a great school for children to build themselves not only academically but also personally and pursue their side hustles and passions with zero second-guessing. Passion is encouraged at the Quarry Lane school, and this is all you need to thrive in your life.

The Quarry Lane School
Address: Dublin East Campus – 6363 Tassajara Rd, Dublin, CA 94568
Phone: +1 925-829-8000

3.      Berkeley High School

Berkeley high school is a very diverse school. It is one of those international schools in San Francisco which doesn’t only focus on the textbooks but also on the different passions and endeavours of students. Berkeley high school is a very accomplished academic institution, which provides students with plenty of things. There are monthly magazines, bulletins, and even workshops for the academic grooming of children.

The best part about Berkeley high school is that it is very centred on different cultures and ethnicities, which many San Francisco international schools are. Berkeley high school has the highest number of African American students in their institution, along with other students belonging to different countries and cultures

It is also a sport-centred school, unlike some other international schools in San Francisco. Berkeley high school vouches for its students when it comes to sports. These students go further in their academic life and get valuable scholarships in prestigious universities like UC Berkeley and Harvard. There are many extracurricular activities that Berkeley high school offers, ranging from different sports, theatre, drama clubs, and more.

Following an American and IB curriculum, Berkeley high school is recognized worldwide and listed among the popular international schools in San Francisco.

Berkeley High School
Address: 1980 Allston Way, Berkeley, CA 94704, United States.
Phone: +1 510-644-6121

4.      San Francisco Friends School/Horizon Schools

Horizon group of schools is a whole chain of international schools in San Francisco and other areas that are spread out all over the USA. It is one of the most diverse schools, as far as culture is concerned. It houses and teaches children all over the world, with a great emphasis on education for underprivileged children and children of colour and different ethnicities.

One of the notable San Francisco international schools, The Horizon School, provides a great summer camp for their students in which there are different activities and things to learn. The best part about the summer camp school is that students are charged no fee at all, from kindergarten up to high school. There is also a great donation program that extends further to provide scholarships and learning aids for children who need them.

This network of these international schools in San Francisco and other areas is a great way to groom children academically and give them life purpose. This is also a great and empowering thing for children and communities who are not as privileged as others. This shows that Horizon schools know no skin colour, ethnicity, religion, or culture. All are equal under the umbrella of education in these international schools in San Francisco. It gives the message that everyone is worthy of good education and a solid academic foundation.

San Francisco Friends School
Address: 250 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
Phone: +1 415-565-0400

5.      Del Mar High School

Del Mar high school is a great public school in the San Francisco Bay area. It was established in 1959 and became an IB member in 2016, making it one of the best IB international schools in San Francisco. Along with a stellar academic experience for the students, the Del Mar school also provides a plethora of different sports and extracurricular activities. Sports like football, volleyball, baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, wrestling, and softball are just some provided by the Del Mar school.

The Del Mar school teams have won leagues from 2001 to 2011 in swimming and hockey and beaten many other international schools in San Francisco.

Other than what other international schools in San Francisco do, there is also a huge emphasis on performance and theatre for the children in this school. Those students who want to explore their creative and artistic side are encouraged to join the various and prestigious drama and theatre clubs of the Del Mar school.

As far as the media and publishing side is concerned in these San Francisco international schools, the Del Mar school came out with a magazine/newspaper called the Perspective. There is also a whole journalism website where students can write important pieces of articles and publish them online. This is a great school if you are looking for something which covers all nine yards for your child. If you need help with other stuff related to relocation, read guides from Moovaz.

Del Mark High School
Address: 1224 Del Mar Ave, San Jose, CA 95128
Phone: +1 408-626-3403

6.      German International School Of Silicon Valley

If you are looking for good German international schools in San Francisco, then the German international school of Silicon Valley is a great option. On the completion of their studies, students graduate with a California diploma and the German diploma. It schools children from ages 5 to 18.

It has a pre-school, which is great for small German toddlers, and it is not a culture shock to them either. The high school, like other San Francisco international schools, starts from year 9 and goes up to year 12.

Another campus was also opened in San Francisco, located in Presidio. The buildings of these international schools of San Francisco are noteworthy and characteristic features of these schools, having the typical German and rustic appeal to them.

German International School Of Silicon Valley
Address: San Francisco Campus – 117 Diamond Street, San Francisco, CA 94114
Phone: +1 650-254-0748

7.      La Scuola International School

La Scuola international school is an American school. One of the unique international schools in San Francisco is an Italian immersion school, which was established in order to bridge the gap between different cultures and to give everyone a chance to get a quality education.

The La Scuola International school is IB recognized. It also holds the Reggio Emilia, Singaporean Maths and Colombian Writers workshop, and more, making it one of the credible international schools in San Francisco.

The best part is that the institution doesn’t view children as robots; rather, they encourage students to give different opinions and views on things. They are appreciated for showing and sharing their thoughts and different ways of thinking. This makes it unique among San Francisco international schools.

The main schools are pre-school, elementary, and middle school. A great thing about the La Scuola international school is that you don’t need to be Italian or need to speak Italian to enrol in it. As it is one of the international schools in San Francisco, you can be of any ethnicity, religion, or culture; you are welcomed with open arms at the La Scuola International school. This school has a strict policy against racial bullying, and the great thing is that these things and incidents are monitored by the Director of administration, and this department takes necessary steps to rip this bad habit from the roots.

La Scuola International School
Address: Dogpatch Campus – 728 20th Street, San Francisco, CA 94107
Phone: +1 415-558-9006

8.      Shu Ren International School

Last but not least, if you are looking for a Chinese American school, then Shu Ren International School is the place to go. Finding Chinese American international schools in San Francisco that are IB recognized can be a hard thing, but you will find anything in sunny California. It is a great school for Chinese students as well as American students of Chinese descent.

The fee structure is somewhat similar to the above-mentioned international schools of San Francisco, taking a yearly lump sum or simple monthly instalments throughout the school year. There is also a financial aid department that helps out parents and children who are underprivileged and can’t afford education in the Shu Ren International school. This school is from primary to middle school only, housing children from ages 2 to 11 only. The students graduate with a world-recognized IB diploma.

There are a bunch of extracurricular activities, and they also show a lot of Chinese and other cultures in their studies and activities. Every culture, language, and religion is welcomed at the Shu Ren International school, without any discrimination of colour, race, or gender. This is why it is one of the popular San Francisco international schools.

Similar to most international schools in San Francisco, the tuition fee starts from $25,000 to $28,000, and it includes basic academic classes, summer camps, enrichment classes, and different courses. Discounts are also applicable on this tuition fee, but a request has to be made properly through the department to get financial aid from the school. If you have more than one child enrolled in this school, you will also get discount benefits and different aids.

Shu Ren International School
Address: 2125 Jefferson Ave, Berkeley, CA 94703
Phone: +1 510-841-8899

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