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12 Best Removalists For International Shipping To Australia

Looking for international shipping to Australia? You’ve come to the right page. Moving homes is already a stressful task – you have to find a new home, pack your furniture, put it in storage, unpack in your new home and the list goes on. But moving countries? That’s a whole different ballgame that usually requires a lot of external help. If you’re gearing up to move across the world, figuring out how to move your belongings would be one of your most majors concerns.

This is when international shipping companies to Australia come into play. Many global citizens decide to move their belongings via sea freight or air freight. These shipping or removalist companies can help pack, ship and unpack your belongings and they usually offer additional relocation services as well. Lucky for you, we’ve done our research and found top international removalist companies to help you in your journey.

1. Moovaz – Relocation Services

Moovaz stands out as a trailblazer in the realm of international moving services, revolutionizing the relocation industry by harnessing the power of AI technology. With a pioneering spirit, Moovaz has transformed the way expats relocate to Australia, providing unparalleled transparency and convenience. Through their innovative approach, Moovaz offers expatriates a seamless experience, effortlessly connecting them with the swiftest and most cost-effective routes for their international move. As the first disruptor of its kind, Moovaz has truly redefined the landscape of international removalists to Australia, setting a new standard for efficiency and affordability.

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2. APAC relocation

APAC relocation is a professional moving agency that helps make relocation easy and hassle-free. There is a team of professionals to help you with the various services that APAC relocation provides, such as managing customs, quarantine, freight services, insurance and more. If you need international shipping to Australia, it will help move all of your belongings safely and securely.

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APAC relocation

3. K2 Corporate Mobility

K2 Corporate Mobility is an international relocation company that provides professional services to help global citizens move. Some services it provides include immigration services, relocation management, movement management, expense management and more. If you’re travelling overseas for a short term, it has personalised support packages to cover short-term mobility needs.

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K2 Corporate Mobility

4. Elite Woodhams Relocation

While Elite Woodhams Relocation does not put your things into boxes or onto trucks, it coordinates your whole move in order to ensure seamless transitions for your belongings to arrive safely in your new home. Its independent account manager will work with you and also provides additional services such as home search, education and childcare, settling in, tenancy management and expense management.

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Elite Woodhams Relocation

5. Roadways Removal

Roadways Removals is an Australian removalist company with a range of international and interstate removal services to settle you into your new home. Its international department can provide competitive relocation quotes all across the world. Roadways Removals also has an immense variety of international moving services such as furniture removals, international air and sea freight, storage and more.

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Roadways Removal

6. Richard Mitchell Removals & Storage

Established in 1876, Richard Mitchell Removals & Storage have plenty of moving experience over the past century. If you’re looking to relocate to Australia, Richard Mitchell Removals is a trustworthy choice, with its reliable partners and cost-effective service. Once your belongings have been packed, your items will be stored in one of its shipping containers and safely transported overseas via shipping freight.

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Richard Mitchel Removals & Storage

7. Dawson Moving & Storage

Dawson Moving & Storage, based in Australia, not only handles interstate and local removals but international as well. It does more than transport your belongings, but its team also offers additional services such as helping you to pack your belongings, storing them in a safe location and providing insurance to protect them in case of potential damage. This way, you can ensure the smooth transition of moving your belongings from one country to another.

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Dawson Moving & Storage

8. King & Wilson

King & Wilson, established in 1907, provides local, interstate and overseas removal services. Its numerous international agent alliances ensure an in-home consultation regardless of your country. It also has the people and processes to ensure a cost-effective and smooth move to your new home in Australia. Service from King & Wilson includes full packing and wrapping of your belongings and furniture, sea and air freight, customs clearance as well as delivery of your possessions to your new destination.

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King & Wilson

9. Chris Bell Removals Pty. Ltd.

Stationed in Hobart and Melbourne, Chris Bell Removals are experts in local, interstate and international removals. Besides shipping your belongings across the world, Chris Bell Removals can also assist in piano and antique removals, so that you don’t have to worry about leaving your precious belongings behind. If you need storage, it also offers short and long-term storage where you can store belongings in containers.

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Chris Bell Removals Pty. Ltd.

10. John Ryan Removals

John Ryan Removals are based in Melbourne, with over 40 years of experience in interstate and international removals for homes and offices. It aims to smoothen your moving process by taking care of all your needs, from packing to loading. John Ryan Removals also boasts durable moving containers with various forms of transport such as air freight and sea freights. It also offers storage needs for your personal possessions.

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John Ryan Removals

11. Overseas Packers & Shippers

This family-owned relocation company is passionate about the safety of its client’s belongings. Overseas Packers & Shippers helps its clients pack, organise insurance, liaise with shipping officials and unpack belongings in their new homes. It boasts customer service that is willing to listen to clients and taking into account their needs. Other services it provides includes pet relocation services, storage, custom procedures and more.

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Overseas Packers & Shippers

12. Ampac Moving

Ampac Moving – also known as American Pacific Moving – is an international moving company based in the United States. It provides a full-service move for your convenience, through packing, unpacking, storage, sea freight and more. You can rest assured your items are being transported safely and smoothly by using its online shipment tracking tool to see where your belongings are at all times. It also provides other services such as customs clearance and various documents required when transporting belongings to another country.

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Ampac Moving

13. Whybirds Removals & Storage

Established in 1857 and with over a decade of experience, Whybirds Removals & Storage helps families move without any hassle. It provides a range of relocation services to customers internationally, by having an experienced professional team assist movers through planning and preparation. Besides sea and air freight services to transport your possessions to your new destination, it also offers a pre-move consultation to alleviate any concerns and allow a smoother transition into the new chapter of your life.

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Whybirds International

The process of moving across the country to live in Australia can be exhausting and stressful, to say the least. Finding a reliable and trustworthy relocation company can help alleviate some of that stress, knowing that your belongings and possessions are in safe hands. That’s why when you are looking for international shipping to Australia, it’s important to find the company that’s suited for you. All in all, these international shipping companies will ensure a smooth transition to your new life in Australia.

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