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Best International Job Search Sites To Kickstart A Career Out Of India

Finding a job in a whole new country can be scary and difficult, at first. If you’re wondering how to find a job outside of India, we’ve got you covered. It’s not impossible to begin a new career in a different country, especially with the many job site portals available online to make your search easier. We’ve listed down the best international job search sites for you to begin your new journey out of India.

With the world becoming more and more interconnected, there are numerous multicultural societies in different countries. It’ll never be impossible to find a job overseas from India, regardless of your working industry, race or gender. However, it’s important to do your own research on the industries that are booming in different countries, and what matches your own skillset.

Once you’ve found the perfect job, it’s important to ensure that you have a valid working visa before heading to your new job in a new country.

1. LinkedIn

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Almost everyone knows what LinkedIn is. In case you didn’t, LinkedIn is an all-in-one for social networking, online profiling and job databases. It is definitely the best job hunting platform available right now, where professionals look to network, showcase their skills and more.

There are many perks for using LinkedIn. However, before going into that, you will first need to set up an account, or you won’t be able to access most of the features it has to offer. Not sure how to start an account? Fret not. LinkedIn does provide an easy step-by-step guide for you to follow, though a high standard of profiling might take you some time to achieve. 

Many people use Linkedin as a personal professional social media profile, which not also acts as a resume but also a platform for you to meet other professionals within your field of work. Even after doing up your account, you will need to update your profile from time to time to ensure the information is still relevant – This is going to affect your job search or chances of being headhunted by recruiters since your profile will be matched based on factors like level of experience and suitability. 

LinkedIn offers a wide variety of job listings including areas in engineering, finance, operations, marketing, real estate and Information and Technology. You can easily search for the kind of jobs you prefer by filtering out the location, industry, company, job type and experience level. You can also choose if you want to opt for remote work, on-site or a hybrid of both. 

LinkedIn is free for anyone to use and is one of the most interactive job sites available. One of the best perks about LinkedIn is allowing job hunters like yourself to join groups. This allows you to connect with others who share similar interests and professionals whom you look up to. 

It also offers a wide variety of courses that allows you to learn additional skills that will be beneficial for you. These include graphic design, marketing, photography, customer service, Leadership and Management and Professional Development.

View more information about LinkedIn here. 

2. Indeed

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Indeed is just as popular as LinkedIn, if not more. Indeed is one of the best international job search sites across countries and is well-known for its impressive update frequency – you can expect to receive the latest job openings almost as soon as it is listed. If you’re not on Indeed regularly, we suggest you start browsing through the web daily or create email job alerts to make sure you don’t miss any opportunities that might actually be the ones you’re looking for.

Indeed’s website and interface is simple and straightforward, making it easy to search for jobs. It offers a wide variety of job listings including areas in engineering, finance, operations, sales and marketing, real estate and Information and Technology. You can easily search for the kind of jobs you prefer by filtering out the location, company, job type, job category, education level, salary range, date posted and whether you prefer remote work. 

Another reason why Indeed is popular among job hunters is because you don’t actually need to create an account to apply for jobs. Creating an account will be useful and convenient only if you want your resume to be saved into the database. So the next time you want to apply for a job on Indeed, you can directly click ‘apply’ without having to upload your resume once again. Essentially, it makes job applications a whole lot easier and quicker without having to go through a bunch of questions or processes time and again.

Besides all these perks, Indeed allows you to compare salaries to ensure you’re getting the market rate and not being underpaid. Company reviews are also integrated into job listings so you know which are the best companies to work for and which to avoid. Indeed does provide career tips and advice as well as its very own ideas, data and insights into the global labour market. 

View more information about Indeed here.

3. Adzuna

Another way to find a job internationally is through Adzuna. However, Adzuna operates as a job search engine instead of a job board. This means that it uses algorithms to pull relevant jobs from thousands of listings available, bringing you only what you’re looking for based on your search results, or what best suits your profile based on your uploaded resume.

This makes job hunting a less time-consuming process as it helps to cut the time spent in searching. It has to be one of the best job search sites for understanding your market value and helping you to discover jobs that match your skills, qualifications and experience. 

It offers a wide variety of job listings including areas in finance, healthcare, sales, engineering, teaching and social work. You can easily search for the kind of jobs you prefer by filtering out the location, category, salary range, company, contract type, and working hours. There are even options for remote work as well, with the new normal being widely practised by many across countries. You can also choose to create job alerts and notifications so you don’t miss out on opportunities as they come. 

Apart from job listings, Adzuna also provides you with the latest data and insights on the labour market such as comparing salaries and vacancies across job titles and locations as well as hiring trends. This keeps you updated with what’s happening in the market and ensures that you are not underpaid even though you’re an expat. 

It is also free of charge for use. All you have to do is simply register an online account for yourself, upload your resume and you’re good to go! A free resume checker is provided to identify spelling, grammar, length and formatting issues just before uploading it to ensure consistency. 

You can find a job in 20 different countries through Adzuna, such as UK, Australia, USA, South Africa, Singapore and Russia.

View more information about Adzuna here.

Finding a job overseas, although difficult and may take perseverance, is definitely possible. Scroll through these best international job search sites to find the perfect job for you, and make your move as a global citizen soon!

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