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Key Strategies For Lead Generation In The Relocation Industry

A business grows when it constantly finds people who will benefit from its product or service and persuades them to make a purchase. The challenge businesses have is to keep a steady inflow of potential customers, also known as lead generation. 

To do so, businesses often have to generate leads by converting people into potential customers. In a world of over seven billion people, many may not even know your business exists and out of those who do, there would be plenty who are not interested in your product or service. Lead generation is about the art of bringing people from a place of non-awareness and disinterest to a place of consideration and even, purchase. 

Lead generation is important for all businesses, even the relocation industry 

  • Lead generation can generate sales. When a company has an abundance of high quality leads, its marketing and sales departments can reach out to them and possibly convert them to buyers. Statistically, companies that have put effective lead generation strategies in place have at least 133% more revenue than companies without the right strategy in place.
  • Lead generation provides direction for strategic communication. When you know who your target buyers are, you can better tailor and personalise content for them. A study done on consumer behaviour has found that 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand or company that provides personalised experiences. 
  • Lead generation allows the discovery of new audiences. While looking for people to convert into fans and purveyors of your brand, it will be likely that you stumble upon new markets that have a demand for your products and services. Lead generation takes you beyond the current audience you have to discover new customer profiles you never would have thought to reach out to.  

How to generate leads in the relocation industry

Relocation businesses can implement strategies to generate leads more effectively. Here are our six recommended ways: 

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1. Utilise lead generation platforms 

Lead generation platforms consist of software that aids the process of lead generation. Depending on their capacity, there are various functions a lead generation platform can cover.

Inbound lead generation tools: Drive leads to your website

Outbound lead generation tools: Finds and contacts leads via email, calls, social media

On-page lead generation tools: Capture leads via your website

Conversion Rate Optimisation tools: Improves the number of leads converted to sales-qualified leads

Marketing management tools: Measures performance to enhance lead generation campaigns and target quality leads

Email marketing tools: Creates campaigns to engage prospects and move them through the buyer’s journey

Search marketing tools: Helps increase traffic that stems from paid and organic search to increase on-site leads 

Some great lead generation platforms in the relocation industry include Triglobal, Quot8 and Moving24, with the former two experienced in world-wide leads.

2. Write guest blogs

A seemingly underrated content marketing strategy, lending your opinion to another relevant but not directly competing website is a great way to generate leads and improve search engine optimisation at the same time. If you are a relocation service provider, a complementary website to blog for could be a travel website. 

3. Place ample opt-in opportunities on your website 

To increase visibility on your company’s current products and services, actively invite your website visitors to read more about them. Ask website visitors to sign up to your newsletter, to allow notifications for new launches and even blog posts or have pop ups that feature your new products. Whatever it is, find opportunities to engage your website visitors and get them a step closer to knowing your brand, products and services.

4. Insert more call-to-actions into your communication channels

It takes two hands to clap and similarly, for a great customer-business relationship, not only does the business need to reach out to the customers, customers have to be responding to them as well. Always attract customers to go one step further in their customer journey. Even if they choose not to, they would have considered the action, leaving an impression of your company on their minds for future action.  

It also goes without saying that when customers do take action, companies should have a clear and seamless pathway to conversion. For example, if the call-to-action is to reach out to a sales representative for a quote, rather than customers having to open up their email inbox, copy your email address over and start a new email, ideally, there should be a form that appears on your website itself for them to indicate their interest to be contacted.

5. Identify your buyer personas 

There are different buyer personas that exist within your target audience. Instead of attempting to connect to the generic target audience, identify the different types of people that respond to your business. List down what their goals, values, likes, dislikes, needs and wants may be and create a buyer persona for each different audience segment. Knowing your buyer personas means that you can target them with relevant messaging and content, which increases the likelihood of a response from them. 

6. Work with partners

Besides generating leads on your own merit and resources, work with established partners that have a vast network of connections and resources to expand your reach. Partnerships also open up a new avenue of possibilities, potentially allowing you to achieve more than you thought you could and providing new perspectives you never considered previously.

How Moovaz Can Help

Have you been sourcing for more leads, only to find them fewer than you had expected?

Watch your leads grow in a shorter time using Moovaz platform as our partners are able to tap onto our ecosystem to source for leads. Furthermore, with host partners from various service verticals, you would be able to tap into a bigger relocation ecosystem. 

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