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Maid Search And Transfer In Australia: The Expat Guide

Maid search and transfer can be a critical service for expats in Australia. As we all know, the domestic front can be tricky to navigate. Unlike in the office, it seems like managing a household requires a working knowledge on an endless list of subjects. Even the best of us will inevitably feel overwhelmed at times. Yet, it does not have to be this way. If you are living in Australia, help is often readily available. Maid search and transfer is a major industry and you can easily find a professional to help you. Our experts have curated a list of agencies that provide a wide range of services. Look for a friendly helper with our Relo Buddies today!

*This list is not placed in any particular ranking order. Feel free to contact us if you wish to partner with us.


 ABC Nanny Services specializes in providing flexible personalized childcare solutions to suit the lifestyles of busy professionals. This flexibility can be seen in the extremely comprehensive list of childcare solutions they provide on both a permanent and temporary basis. Standard services include: 

  •       Babysitter/ Casual Nanny
  •       Nanny sharing 
  •       Mother’s Helper 
  •       Night Nanny 
  •       Emergency Nanny 
  •       Household Assistant
  •       Corporate and Event Nanny 
  •       Before and After School Nanny 
  •       Live-In Nanny
  •       International Nannies and Elite Service 
  •       Online Tutoring
  •       Maid search and transfer in Australia

Given the level of intimacy a nanny typically enjoys with your family and the influence they have on your children, it is important that the right person be found for the job. ABC Nanny Services, with their exemplary record of nanny placement throughout the years, can help you with that process.


Elite Private Staff maid search and transfer in Australia helps source highly trained personal staffers to their clients. This can range from something as mundane as housekeepers and cleaning staff to more exotic options such as sports massage therapists or an international private chef specializing in Itamae Japanese cuisine.  


Maid in Melbourne is a one-stop maid search and transfer service in Australia for all your needs in Melbourne. They are a premier cleaning agency with a long track record of providing professional cleaning services at competitive and affordable prices.

Standard services include:

  •       Regular house cleaning
  •       End-of-lease cleaning
  •       One-off/Spring Cleaning
  •       Small office cleaning
  •       NDIS Cleaning
  •       Other bespoke cleaning packages


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