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Meet the ReloBuddies: Q&A with Christopher

We sat down with our ReloBuddy Christopher El Jouni to talk about his experience of being a ReloBuddy. With his bubbly personality and experience behind being a ReloBuddy; we spoke about what he thinks about the role and some of the challenges he faces when he helps clients. Get to know more about Chris as he talks about his most memorable experience with a client and how Moovaz supports him as a ReloBuddy.

What is the role of a ReloBuddy?

Chris: I think a ReloBuddy is a person who can paint a picture of how the relocation journey will be for the client. A ReloBuddy is similar to a consultant, you need to find out what the client needs by asking the right questions and providing tailor-fit solutions for them. 

How is a ReloBuddy different from a sales role?

Chris: A regular salesperson only sees sales targets and company targets. 

A ReloBuddy focuses more on the customer and their relocation journey. A ReloBuddy provides personalised service and helps the client meet their needs and fill in the gaps. 

What are some of the challenges of a ReloBuddy?

Chris: I feel that it is difficult to handle multiple services as you need to have a lot of specialised knowledge. You need time to learn and understand all the different services. 

In addition, the pandemic has also caused governments to change laws and regulations on travel and they can change quickly depending on the situation. We need to keep ourselves frequently updated on the regulations and inform clients as well. 

What have you learnt while being a ReloBuddy?

Chris: The most important thing I have learnt is patience. Patience is essential when working with everyone involved, the clients, the operation team and our vendors as everyone is busy and needs time to respond. 

I had this client who wanted to sign quickly and wanted multiple vendor quotes. I managed to quickly get the quotes by rushing the vendors but in the end the client did not sign on the day which was frustrating. 

How have you adapted to the pandemic as a ReloBuddy?

Chris: The pandemic has been stressful overall with all the lockdowns. I relax by going outside to work whenever possible as it gets boring working at home. I have worked outside at cafes, bars and parks, it is a different experience every time. 

What are clients typically looking for when using Moovaz?

Chris: Clients usually look for the cheapest prices and speed of services. In particular for pet relocation, clients are almost always concerned about the quality of service and their pets’ wellbeing when being relocated. 

Share with us a memorable client story. 

Chris: I had this friendly client who was doing a holistic move and needed almost all our relocation services. He was a tough client as he was not confident with our quotes and it was the first pet relocation Moovaz has done from the United States to Australia. I informed him of the benefits and convenience of using Moovaz and he seemed to be receptive to it, hopefully I can close the deal soon. 

What is unique about Moovaz?

Chris: Moovaz is an all-in-one relocation platform that handles all relocation services and makes your relocation journey a breeze. The Moovaz platform is like a huge mega mall and the vendors are the shops, clients are free to view and select which shops they want. 

How does Moovaz support you as a ReloBuddy?

Chris: The BD team is very supportive of us, they go the extra mile to help us and are precise with leads. They are also welcoming of ideas and open to feedback to improve the business process. 

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