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Meet the ReloBuddies: Q&A with Lorie-Anne

We sat down with our ReloBuddy Lorie-Ann to talk about her experience of being a ReloBuddy. We spoke about what she enjoys about the job and how she helps both partners and global citizens with their relocation journey. Get to know more about Lorie-Ann as she talks more about her experience being part of the ReloBuddy team and how Moovaz has contributed to her personal and career growth.

How would you describe a ReloBuddy in 3 words?

Lorie: Knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient.

What does being a ReloBuddy mean to you?

Lorie: A ReloBuddy is someone who is familiar with the relocation journey. They are front-liners who assist clients with their enquiries and ensure that their experience with the Moovaz platform is smooth and easy. 

What do you enjoy about being a ReloBuddy?

Lorie: I enjoy talking to many clients from different countries and backgrounds, and I can learn more about other countries and their relocation journeys. Clients are usually open about their plans and talk about their life experiences, which is eye-opening as you don’t always get to hear about these things.

How is being a ReloBuddy is different from a regular sales role?

Lorie: A ReloBuddy provides their specialised knowledge on relocation services, not limited to a specific product or service. A ReloBuddy is an all in one assistant that helps clients with all of their relocation needs to ensure that their relocation is as simple as possible. 

How do you usually help clients?

Lorie: Usually clients request quotations on relocation services on our platform. Once the quotation is ready, we will call the clients to inform them and explain the benefits of our platform. Most clients are okay with using the Moovaz platform once they understand that it is free and there are no hidden charges. 

What are some of the common client enquiries or issues and how do you resolve them?

Lorie: Most clients have relocation enquiries or technical issues. For relocation enquiries we will follow up with clients through email, or call after the quotation is sent. For technical issues, we will guide clients if they have any issues while using the Moovaz platform. 

Share with us a memorable client story

Lorie: I have a lot of memorable clients, but the most recent one was one from the United Kingdom. She was a lady with disabilities looking for household moving services. She was a nice lady that was comfortable with using the Moovaz platform but needed help due to her circumstances. I talked to her to understand her needs and situation better, and ensured that she was satisfied with the services. 

What do you enjoy most about working at Moovaz?

Lorie: I enjoy working with my colleagues, as they are all very passionate about the relocation industry and working with clients. I also enjoy learning more about the industry and watching how the company develops as a startup.  

Lastly, what do you think is the most important thing to be a successful ReloBuddy?

Lorie: Confidence is needed to be a good Relo Buddy, as rejection is part of the process and nothing is personal. I believe that we need to be persistent when approaching clients and not give up. 

We hope that you learnt more about our ReloBuddy Lorie through this short interview and have a better understanding of our ReloBuddies. 

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