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Meet The ReloBuddies: Q&A With Rizza

We sat down with our ReloBuddy Rizza as she talks about her experience of being a ReloBuddy. We spoke about her day to day work and how the pandemic has affected her work as a ReloBuddy. Rizz tells us about her current experience being part of the ReloBuddy team and how clients feel about the Moovaz platform.

What is your day-to-day as a ReloBuddy like?

Rizz: My typical day is usually busy with talking to potential clients. I will first review the numbers and data we have, then decide my priorities for clients. I will try to contact clients via phone call first, then by email or messaging applications like Whatsapp if they are unresponsive. My aim is to find out the needs of our clients and address them. 

How would you describe a ReloBuddy in 3 words?

Rizz: Communicate, woo, close. 

How is a ReloBuddy different from a sales role?

Rizz: A regular sales role is different as it focuses on getting as many sales as possible to maximise income. A ReloBuddy focuses on the clients’ needs and provides advice and services tailored to the clients’ situation. 

Has the pandemic affected your job as a ReloBuddy? 

Rizz: Our team previously worked in an office setting but now the team works from home due to the pandemic. 

Do you prefer to work from home or in the office?

Rizz: Both have their pros and cons. Working from home means there is no need to travel and I have more time to focus on work. I prefer hybrid work as I believe working in the office gives us the opportunity to bond and talk to one another. 

How do you usually interact with clients? 

Rizz: I usually call clients and check in with their wellbeing and address the client’s enquiry by clarifying their situation and getting their details. Sometimes I get clients that are reluctant to share their details, when this happens I will check with them if they are moving and introduce Moovaz’s services if they are. 

What are some common concerns that clients usually have? 

Rizz: I mostly get enquiries on pet relocation services and fluctuating freight prices. I will explain that these fluctuations are normal in the industry and the pandemic contributes to the high prices. For pet relocation services, I will assure the clients that Moovaz vets our vendors strictly to ensure that they provide high quality services. 

What are some feedback you have heard from clients after using Moovaz? 

Rizz: Majority of clients gave feedback that our partners provided good services and the clients appreciated the staff for the work done. Some negative comments were that our vendors were slow to respond or were uncontactable. We would apologise to the clients and chase the vendors to respond on our side, in addition to reviewing the vendor’s performance. 

What do you think is the importance of a ReloBuddy to a client? 

Rizz: ReloBuddy gives clients a go to person whenever they need assistance. 

Clients usually do not want to communicate with multiple vendors for the many relocation services they need, ReloBuddy is the main point of contact for ease of communication. A ReloBuddy also gives clients confidence that their needs are being served and they are not ignored. 

Share with us a memorable client story 

Rizz: I had a client during the Lunar New Year period who signed up for air conditioning cleaning service but the vendor did not show up on the day of appointment. We investigated and found out the vendor had overlooked the client’s appointment. While the client was upset, the client was very understanding of the situation and managed to find another vendor for the service. 

What do you think is unique about Moovaz? 

Rizz: Moovaz being a relocation platform is unique as it is new to everyone, I usually introduce Moovaz to clients as a platform similar to Grab or Uber. Clients are glad to learn that Moovaz is free to use, with many relocation services and a hassle free process. 

We hope you enjoyed learning more about the ReloBuddies through Rizza’s interview!

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Relocation consultant, Moovaz relocation buddyRelocation consultant, Moovaz Relobuddy
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