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Meet The ReloBuddies: Q&A with Scarlett

Meet ReloBuddy Scarlett Chong a.k.a Ting  and get to know her experience of being part of Moovaz and what her role as a ReloBuddy would mean to both partners and global citizens. Scarlett talks more about the common concerns clients have and her memorable experiences with some of her clients.

What is the role of a ReloBuddy?

Ting: A ReloBuddy is a friend that you can count on to give advice on relocation services and insights on the relocation journey. A ReloBuddy also guides clients to use the Moovaz platform, which is new to most people and requires time to learn and properly use.  

Describe a ReloBuddy in 3 words. 

Ting: Exploratory, creative, empathetic

How is a ReloBuddy different from a sales role?

Ting: The work of a ReloBuddy is non linear and every client’s situation is unique. We need to use our intuition and ask questions to figure out our clients’ needs and preferences then adapt our approach when talking with our clients. 

What do you enjoy about being a ReloBuddy? 

Ting: I enjoy connecting with people that I have never met before and learn more about the different aspects of their lives. Most clients are open about sharing their story behind their relocation journey. 

Share with us an example of how you helped a client. 

Ting: I had a client who was looking to settle in Bangkok and was looking for long term accommodations. After understanding his lifestyle and needs, we managed to curate a place for him based on his requirements. We helped him integrate into the community in Bangkok by connecting him with the Singapore community. He hosted dinners and one of my friends who attended, video called me during the dinner to extend an invite to me to join their gathering when I visit next time. 

What are some common problems when you help clients?

Ting: Some common problems are volatility of freight prices and delays due to unforeseen circumstances. The freight prices are not fixed until the day of shipping and some clients might be unhappy about the high price. We would explain that the pandemic caused labour crunches and resulted in price volatility and unexpected delays. 

Share with us a memorable client story.

Ting: I had a client that loved and cared for his pet a lot. He and his wife had to move urgently and needed pet relocation services. Their destination country had many rules and regulations on pet relocation so unfortunately they had to leave their pet behind in the initial relocation process. They missed their pet and shared many stories about their pet throughout the relocation process. They were eagerly waiting for the day that their pet joined them and this made me think their memories and connections with their pet were amazing. 

What do you enjoy most about working at Moovaz?

Ting: I enjoy working with the people at Moovaz the most. They are great people who make you want to strive to be better and embrace possibilities. 

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