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Meet the ReloBuddies: Q&A with Shareiz

Get to know Relo Buddy Shareiz Mei Tiu as we sit down and talk about her experience of being a Relo Buddy. We spoke about what being a Relo Buddy means to her and how she helps both partners and global citizens with their relocation journey. Get to know more about Shareiz as she talks more about common concerns clients have and her most memorable experience with a client.

What is a Relo Buddy?

Shareiz: Initially I thought a Relo Buddy was a customer service role but it is much more than that. A Relo Buddy needs to understand the client and what their needs are in order to help them with their relocation journey. It is a buddy in the literal sense and an assistant to ensure that the client’s relocation process is as hassle free and smooth as possible. 

Describe a Relo Buddy in 3 words. 

Shareiz: Expert, approachable, friend. 

What is your day to day as a Relo Buddy like?

Shareiz: I usually start my day by setting up my work environment and preparing myself mentally and physically. Then I will check in on my leads and follow up with clients based on priority. 

What have you learnt while being a Relo Buddy?

Shareiz: I have learnt how to be friendly with clients and avoid being transactional with them. I have also learnt how to deal with rejection as I did not expect clients to be unresponsive or ignore me when I follow up on their enquiries when I first started. 

How do you help clients?

Shareiz: First I will send a greeting message and confirm the client’s relocation details. If I get no response, I will make a phone call and proceed to discuss the clients’ needs and provide advice. 

What are some common concerns that clients have?

Shareiz: 95% of my clients are looking for household moving and the other 5% for pet relocation. Clients are mainly concerned about their budget and the price of quotations. If a client feels that the quotation is too high, I will explain that Moovaz vendors operate at the market rate and the quotation covers everything, so clients don’t need to worry about other charges. 

Why is a Relo Buddy important to clients?

Shareiz: I believe a Relo Buddy is important because relocation service companies have many customers and may be unresponsive sometimes, but Relo Buddies handles each client individually and prioritises them. Our main goal is to help clients with their needs and handle the relocation journey from start to finish, not just to close the deals. 

Share with us a memorable client story.

Shareiz: I had this client in January who unfortunately rejected our quotation but we kept in close contact and she has been sharing with me about her life. In February, she contacted me about wanting to move her items to another country. This was the first time that I had a client who agreed to sign the deal before receiving the quotation. It was quite unexpected and I was happy that she trusted me enough to handle her relocation process on her behalf, it was a great experience. 

What do you enjoy about working at Moovaz?

Shareiz: It might sound weird, but I enjoy the online meetings with my colleagues as I get to talk and bond with them over our life stories, aside from the usual business transactions that we discuss.

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