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Meet the Relobuddies from Moovaz

Meet the ReloBuddies – Your Relocation Friends

Relocating from one country to another can be an exciting chapter for anyone relocating for the first time. However, with the number of things to consider during the move, it can be overwhelming for first-time relocating global citizens who wouldn’t know where to start. First-time relocators usually look for different opinions from friends, online reviews and even video experiences to get an idea of where to start.

This is why Moovaz aims to make the process of relocation for both global citizens and relocation businesses easier – with a hassle-free one-stop-shop platform. This platform provides all relocation services by connecting potential global citizens looking to move, with well-curated relocation businesses that we have partnered with. These partners give global citizens peace of mind when moving since we carefully pick trustworthy and reliable partners. This makes Moovaz a two-way platform that benefits both global citizens’ and partners’ experiences.

Moovaz ReloBuddies working side by side

Relocation Through A Digital Platform

Since Moovaz is a digital platform, partner’s enquiries and global citizen’s interactions are usually limited to digital interactions. This can often feel like they are talking to a screen. To bridge this disconnect and provide global citizens and partners with the human touch, Moovaz has a dedicated team called ReloBuddies. Our ReloBuddies assist with making the relocation process easier by supporting the partner’s and global citizen’s needs. Moving can be complicated, with numerous things to take into account, which is why our ReloBuddies are here to help make this difficult process easier.

Meet the ReloBuddies

What is the importance of connecting our ReloBuddies to partners and global citizens? Firstly, let’s break down what this team does. ReloBuddies are considered the first line of contact when answering partner and global citizen inquiries. They also assist both parties in navigating around the platform to ease the trouble of relocation. For partners, this means – handling deals, sales and giving clear and precise explanations on the benefits of our services. For global citizens, our ReloBuddies are the first touchpoint for inquiries regarding their relocation journey or assistance when navigating the Moovaz platform. Moreover, ReloBuddies take initiative to check in on global citizens, to ensure that they are having the simplest and easiest relocation journey.

Every Journey Is Unique

With every relocation journey, both global citizens and partners will face various challenges along the way. Sometimes issues may arise with item shipping, pet transportation, visa applications, miscommunication, standstill and many more various delays. Even current events as external factors are just a few mishaps that can occur during a move. Our ReloBuddies are trained to oversee the process and help look for the best solution to different problems.

Going the Extra Mile

When solving problems, our ReloBuddies treat each problem with care by consulting the team on how to communicate and coordinate with global citizens and partners. Because Moovaz is within a digital platform, our ReloBuddies use multiple channels of communication such as WhatsApp, email and even video conferences to connect with the global citizens and partners on a personal level.

Not Just Customer Service

Since ReloBuddies work together as a close-knit team, training and sharing sessions are exciting. They spend their time sharing each unique problem that they have come across, as well as the best solutions to it. ReloBuddies also keep each other informed with the latest trends and tips to improve their work, to provide higher quality service. This way, our ReloBuddies encourage each other to strive to become better as a group.

Though their job may come with their share of challenges, they also get to know people from all different walks of life and culture. ReloBuddies get to learn new things and improve together as a team, which overall can make for a very adventurous and colourful job.

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