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Most Welcoming Communities For Indians Relocating To Canada

Be it a lifestyle upgrade or an educational pursuit, most of us would love to live in a place that offers more facilities than our hometown. Even though it comes at the cost of leaving your loved ones and dear land behind, you can’t resist the temptation to move to a place with better opportunities. Of all the possible places you could go, Canada is at the top of the list. Many Indians have recently shifted to Canada for a better life and well-paying jobs. For Indians relocating to Canada and wondering where to live, we’ve got you covered.

There are some enticing job opportunities for Indians in the corporate sector and entrepreneurial circles. These factors play an essential role in understanding why more Indians are asking online, “Where do Indian expats live in Canada?”

According to Statista, the number of registered Indians in Canada was 670 thousand to more than 1 million between 2000 and 2019.

Graph showing increasing number of registered Indians in Canada from 2000 to 2019
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What is the difference between registered and non-registered citizens?

Registered Indians residing in Canada have a viable social status. They afford incentives and rights that do not apply to non-registered citizens.

The number of registered Indians has grown since 2000, and the largest population of Indians is found in Ontario. Knowing about the best places to live in Canada for the Indians is vital if you plan to settle there in the future.

Best Communities for Indians in Canada

Canada has ten provinces and three territories with several cities in each. These regions have plenty to offer for the Indian immigrants, but some communities are more welcoming and offer more extraordinary promises for the Indians.

Following are the cities in Canada with a dense Indian population:

1.     Toronto

Toronto, the capital of Ontario province, is the favourite choice of many Indians. It offers hundreds of job opportunities and entrepreneurial options for the aspired individuals. The cultural diversity of Toronto has been discussed repeatedly by experts. Plus, several industries are present in Toronto, including healthcare, finance, and technology.

Apart from the employment opportunities, the residents of Toronto have some great places to hang out. The cinemas, clubs, and sports centres offer incredible leisure for the people. The spectacular public transport system of Toronto is worth talking about. It is easy for people to move from one place to another, making this city interconnected.

Toronto is an ideal city for people Indians who want to live in the heart of Canada, but they are content with living in a small apartment. This is because the cost of living here is on the higher side. If you are looking for any smaller city that works well for your pocket, you might like to explore one of the smaller locations in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

2.     Vancouver

Vancouver is another popular option when it comes to living in Canada. It is the home to the second-largest Indian Canadian population. Currently, more than 125000 Indians are living in Vancouver. The temptation to live in this part of Canada is quite vivid as this city is the lead player in the visual effects and film industry.

Plus, there are several employment options in engineering, medical, and digital media. Highly skilled Indians can come here to explore the potential job options. Besides the work appeal, the temperate climate of Vancouver is rarely found in any other city. The exuberant natural beauty of Vancouver is spell-binding for the onlookers. Moreover, many educational institutes like the University of British Columbia make it easier for skilled students to find their calling. The city enjoys a well-connected transport system and a highly equipped healthcare structure.

These factors combine to make this city the ultimate home for the when relocating to Canada from India. According to Numbeo, a single-bedroom apartment in Vancouver can cost $2050 per month. And the price to buy a property is approximately $12,481.

The Indian heritage in Vancouver is quite prominent. Jagmeet Singh represents Burnaby South and leads Canada’s big-three political parties. This factor makes it evident why most Indians love to settle in Vancouver. Having someone native in a powerful position in a foreign land means favourable policies and low stereotyping. Thus, when asking questions like “where do Indian expats live in Canada?” it would help if you learned about favourable communities.

3.     Calgary

Calgary is the third-largest urban community in Canada and the largest city in Alberta. There is constant raving among people about how this city uses green resources to fulfil its consumption needs.

The number of Indians residing in the Calgary Metropolitan Area is around 50000. Apart from this figure, there is an exponential number of temporary Indian students and workers trying to find their place in this part of Canada.

The current population of Calgary is 1.4 million, which makes it the fourth-largest metro city in Canada. However, the cost of living here isn’t sky-high like in Toronto. The homes are affordable if you have a stable job in the city. The accommodation cost is higher in Calgary than in Atlantic cities and Winnipeg.

The city gets a good amount of snow during the winters. This aspect of climate makes it an exciting place for Indians who don’t experience snowfalls in their homeland. The booming industry of Calgary brings terrific work opportunities that will inspire your creativity and take you to the highest levels of self-actualization.

You can find opportunities in the financial industries, health sciences, energy sector, and so much more. Hence, relocating from India to Canada and adjusting to the new environment becomes more manageable if you pick Calgary as your destination.

Check out this chart to spot the cities in Canada with the highest saturation of Indians.

The prevalence of Indo-Canadian culture in Canada

Canada is well-known as a multi-cultural land. This means that it is a friendly place for the immigrants who are encouraged to keep practising their religions and cultures. Indo-Canadian culture is the term that defines different Indian groups’ linguistic, religious, and ethnic backgrounds. Given that India is a vast country with varying cultures, the people who migrate to Canada also belong to varying groups. For example, the language and culture in North India are starkly different from that in South India.

The Punjabi language and culture have gained immense popularity in Canada. The entertainment segments like radio, television, and music from Punjab are pretty popular in Ontario.

The last two decades witnessed a distinct growth of Indo-Canadian culture in Canada. This is different from Indian culture itself and the Canadian too. Young Indo-Canadians love to watch Bollywood and Hollywood movies as much as they adore the Tollywood blockbusters. The Indians living in Canada are a fantastic example of multi-cultural individuals. They pull off the attire from India, as well as they wear tees and jeans.

How to make the transition easy for kids and the elderly?

People who research about relocating to Canada from India may have come across the term “culture shock.” The change of cultures may stress our minds as we struggle to adjust ourselves to the new environment.

You can make the adjustment easy for the kids and the elderly by arranging affordable housing. The accommodation should be comfortable and in a location that is closer to your native culture. For example, make sure that you find a job near the Indian neighbourhood in Vancouver.

Another method to make them feel at home is visiting famous places and letting them explore new things. When people can question and reflect upon the new surroundings, they are likely to fit in easily.

One of the most adopted methods by Indian immigrants is taking their families to the community centres and clubs, having a majority of the Indian population. When people meet like-minded individuals from the same land, they are bound to connect.

Why should you socialize more after moving to Canada?

If you have kids in the family, most socializing happens in schools and parks. But if you are an adult with no kids, you should be surveying other socializing options in the land.

Some of which are:

  • Join a club – You can join a sports or a book club to come across people who share the same interests as you.
  • Sign up on apps – There are several apps for making friends in Canada, like Nextdoor and Bumblee BFF.
  • Hangout with colleagues/fellow students – You may have some people in the same institute or workplace as you. Connect with them and make plans to hang out together.

Having a social circle is essential to ensure you aren’t isolated and depressed in the new setting. When looking into options like how to relocate from India to Canada, you should also search for ways to strengthen your interpersonal skills.

Starting a new life in Canada is exciting and challenging. Often, people leave behind their support circle and their beloved families to improve their future. They are curious about things like where do Indian expats live in Canada when relocating to Canada from India.

One needs to prepare beforehand and learn about the best communities for Indians in Canada ahead of time. Doing your homework means you are all set to dive in and explore the bright opportunities waiting for you!

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