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Most Welcoming Communities For Indians Relocating To Singapore

Moving out of India can be a tough process, however, many welcoming communities for Indians in Singapore are willing to help you to integrate into society better. If you are moving to Singapore, you’re in luck! This multi-racial metropolis will definitely make you feel comfortable when you relocate here!

The welcoming communities in Singapore are known to help many foreigners of different backgrounds experience a smooth transition and integration into the local society. With over 100 thousand Indians residing in Singapore, it is no wonder why many Indians enjoy this country.

From little India to the communities in Singapore, many Indian expats feel a sense of belonging in Singapore. Read on to find out the welcoming communities for Indians relocating to Singapore!

The 5 Indian communities of Singapore

Streets with old houses and shops on the background of modern buildings in the historic area of Little India, Singapore
Singapore – January 8, 2020. Streets with old houses and shops on the background of modern buildings in the historic area of Little India

The communities for Indians relocating to Singapore is growing over the years. With an increasing amount of Indian expats in Singapore, the government approves of organizations that help Indians have a welcoming stay in Singapore.

Singapore recognises the different cultures in India and thus, there is a variety of communities in Singapore that represent the different Indian cultures. Let us take a look at these communities:

1. Maharashtra Mandal

The Maharashtra Mandal is a non-profit community organization in Singapore that aims to help Maharashtrian Indian diasporas in Singapore have a smooth Integration and settle into society. By creating events and activities, Maharashtra Mandal helps you learn more about the different cultures and of the community in Singapore.

2. Kannada Sangha

This society was formed during the 70s-80s, helping the Kannada families connect and continuously appreciate their roots and heritage. This community aims to help Kannada transition into the Singapore society by helping bridging the relationship between the Kannada Indians and Singaporeans. They also hold social, educational, cultural and welfare events and activities for Kannada Indians to enjoy.

3. Bengali Association

The Bengali Association Singapore is a non-profit, socio-cultural organisation that helps preserve the Bengalese culture. With over 1000 members, this organization holds events for their members to help them integrate into Singapore’s society. It also holds picnics and other events so as to facilitate a bond between all the Bengalese in the community.

4. Gujarati Samaj Society

This society helps by teaching the Gujarati community in Singapore to learn more about the Hindu and Jain religions and practices. It also organises cultural, social and educational activities that help with the development of the members. Besides this, they help Gujaratis integrate into the society by helping them learn about the cultures in Singapore

5. Marwari Community

The Marwari Mitra Mandal promotes social, cultural and educational activities to celebrate festivals ad to help Marawaris learn more about Singapore society. They aim to help Marawaris learn more about the culture and society of Singapore so that they can integrate with the community.

Global Indian international School

This school has campuses in over 7 countries and in Singapore, it currently has 3 facilities in Singapore. Dedicated to helping children develop skills and knowledge, this school is definitely one of the top private schools to send your child to. The majority of the other students are Indians, so this will definitely help your child widen their circle whilst feeling a sense of home with the Indian community at the Global Indian International School.

Besides this, the school has a new SMART campus which facilitates better learning. The school also produces stop results in the IB and CBSE examinations.

Little India

Intricate Hindu art and deity carvings on the facade of Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple in Little India, Singapore
Intricate Hindu art and deity carvings on the facade of Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple in Little India, Singapore.

One of Singapore’s main attractions, Little India, is a beautiful area in Singapore that’s rich in Indian culture.

Little India has many attractions to it, stroll down Serangoon Road and the other streets that surround this area and you will see many Indian vendors whilst taking in the tempting scent of both the North and South-Indian spices.

With its vibrant roads and lights, you will be able to see the Hindu temples. You can choose to visit the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple located in the heart of Little India. However, if you want to be more adventurous, you could go to the Sri Mariamman Temple located in Chinatown or the Sri Thendayuthapani Temple located near the town area of Singapore. These two temples are actually one of the most popular temples in Singapore.

Surrounding the Sri Mariamman Temple in Chinatown. We definitely recommend you to try the delicious Chinese food that is cooked by both China and the local Chinese. You could also do some exploring around the Orchard area after you visit the Sri Thendayuthapani Temple.

If you want to do some shopping, be sure to go to Mustafa Centre. The 24-hour shopping mall offers a wide range of products from electronics to pharmaceutical products or even groceries, you should definitely check out this huge and popular mall!

Fill your tummies with the scrumptious food that the North and South Indian restaurants serve. You will see many Indian shops serving food that will definitely make you come back for more. There are even local delights like Maggi Goreng and Roti Prata that our local Indian-Muslim communities serve, it is a must-try when you are in Singapore.

Besides this, Little India is one of the most welcoming communities for Indians relocating to Singapore as, during festivals like Deepavali and Thaipusam, you will see a street filled with smiles and colour which gives you a feeling of home back in India.

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