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welcoming communities for indians in the UK

Most Welcoming Communities for Indians Relocating to UK

The trend of relocating to another country as an immigrant is on the rise. In the current times of unrest and instability, moving to a developed country seems like the better option for many. The government of the UK recently dealt with Brexit. However, skilled professionals are still keen on their immigration plans to the UK.

With a list of programs to invite skilled individuals as immigrants to the UK, there is a massive need for foreign talent in the country. These immigration programs will invite skilled professionals from engineering, medical, trade and business backgrounds.

The time to apply for permanent residency (PR) in the UK is now. A big gap in the industries needs to be filled, and only through the government’s immigration plans can this happen. Life in the UK is familiar to many Indians because many people have already settled there.

Other factors that make relocating to the UK an attractive option include the world’s most impressive institutions and companies. With many job offers and top-of-the-line educational programs on offer, the UK is worth going to. There are many welcoming communities for Indians in the UK that have been well established for a long time now. This makes relocating from India all the more comfortable.

UK Immigration process

Contrary to old times, the immigration process of the UK has become more streamlined. The government has introduced a points-based system, which allows applicants to calculate their CRS scores based on their skill levels.

To apply for the immigration process, applicants must meet the minimum criteria and acquire a minimum score. The score is calculated out of 70 points, and an applicant must accrue up to 60 points. Ideally, a complete application is submitted to the UK Visas and Immigration office, and the representative does not ask for additional information.

In such cases, the standard time for the immigration process to complete is about 12 weeks. This means that as an Indian looking to relocate to the UK, all you need is three months for the entire process to complete. You can then settle anywhere in the UK comfortably.

It is a good idea to do a rough calculation of your CRS score before thinking about applying for UK Immigration. If you do not meet the criteria, consider getting a higher-level degree or gaining more work experience. These two factors will add considerable points to your score to become eligible.

Cultural diversity in the UK

The population of the UK is diverse, which means that many cultures are living together in the country. Asians alone make up over 4.5 percent of the entire UK population, which is nearly 3,078,374 from 67,806,970. That’s over 3 million!

Out of these Asian numbers, about 1,451,862 are Indians making it 2.14 percent of the entire Asian population. Pakistanis take 1.73 percent of this population, which is 1,174,983. The rest are Bengalis, about 0.6 percent, which is 451,529.

While these figures only talk about the minority population from the subcontinent, many other ethnic groups are also settled in the UK. However, Indians make the largest minority groups in the country. The UK is culturally diverse because of the mixture of many ethnic backgrounds, making it easy for anyone worldwide to settle in the country.

The country’s cultural diversity makes the immigration program of the UK much anticipated by many. Moving to the country from India is a lot easier than any other country as there are plenty of welcoming communities for Indians in the UK. Settling down in UK feels more like a second home. With many important and high positions in the country taken up by Indians, they are a trusted minority when it comes to corporations and businesses.

British Indians

Citizens of the UK with ancestral roots from India are known as British Indians. This includes individuals born in the country to Indian parents and those who migrated from India. Currently, the total population of British Indians in the UK is 1.4 million people, which makes Indians the largest visible ethnic minority population.

The historical Indian-British relations are why Indians are the largest ethnic group in the UK. Moreover, India is still part of the Commonwealth of Nations; therefore, many Indians are welcome in the country at higher levels. This has led to the strength of welcoming communities for Indians in the UK for almost everyone.

The British Indian community is the largest globally when it comes to Indians settled outside India. Closely followed by the USA, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Malaysia and Nepal. Most British Indians are Punjabis, Gujarati and Bengalis. Other smaller communities include Tamilian, Malayali, Marathi, Telugu and Konkani. These communities are well settled in the country and have complete opportunities to work, study and practice religion and traditions.

Welcoming communities for Indians in the UK

Multiracial group of teenagers best friends enjoying time together in London
Teen group of friends walking in the city and pushing a bike – Multiracial group of teenagers best friends enjoying time together in London – Lifestyle and friendship in London

The strong political, economic and business relationship between India and UK is a strong reason why many Indians are settled in the country. British Indians have contributed to the economy of the UK in many ways. Some of this includes:

  • More than 600 Indian companies make 50 per cent of all India’s investment in Europe in the UK. This value is over £9 billion and continues to grow significantly.
  • Tata industry is now the country’s largest private manufacturer and employs over 60,000 individuals.
  • About 20 per cent of NHS doctors and consultants are British Indians – which is 40,000 out of 200,000 in total.
  • An estimated number of 9,500 Indian restaurants around the UK generate about £3 billion in revenue. Moreover, these restaurants employ over 60,000 individuals. Indian food has become a popular choice for the British locals as well.
  • The UK has received several sports and cultural heroes and heroines from India. These include Sir Ben Kingsley, Freddie Mercury, Sir Anish Kapoor, Dev Patel, Ravi Bopara and others.
  • The local language has received many bereft and numerous Indian derivations such as guru, pukka, chutney, cummerbund, Blighty, verandah, jungle and bungalow.
  • British Indians introduced several things that have now become necessities around the UK. These include tonic water, yoga, curry, polo, jodphurs, etc.

British Indian states

The ethnic minority communities in the UK are many. However, the largest visible community anywhere in the world is the Indian community of the UK. The largest British Indian community is in London, with a total Indian population of 542,857, making it 6.6 percent of the total population in London. Significant Indian communities are settled in Hounslow, Harrow, Hillingdon, Newham, Brent, Redbridge and Ealing.

The second-largest British Indian community is in the West Midlands. The total population of the region is 2,736,460, out of which 185,271 are British Indians. This means that about 3.9 percent of people in the West Midlands are Indians. These regions include Coventry, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Walsall and Sandwell.

Another region with a large number of welcoming communities for Indians in the UK, is the South East. Slough’s 15.6 percent of the population is British Indian. The region’s entire population is 8,634,750, out of which 152,132 are British Indians.

Welcoming communities

These communities are welcoming and helpful to all new immigrants coming to the UK from India. Community halls in the regions allow individuals to practice their religions freely. No matter where you come from in India, your traditional and religious values are respected everywhere.

When it comes to children who are relocating to the UK from India, they are received warmly by other children of the same age. Since many people go to the UK for higher studies, it comes as no surprise that navigating life through the UK becomes relatively easier.

Gatherings at community halls during religious and traditional events are very common. Since every city has these halls located in the prime location with the highest number of Indians, access is easy. Similarly, elders are often gathered together to meet and socialise.

Social clubs are also a common sight for British Indian women of the same demographics. A new immigrant from India is instantly taken under the wing to help settle in the UK. London is the top choice for Indians because it has the largest Indian population. Additionally, London offers the best jobs in top corporations, and the best educational institutions are also located in London.

Settling down in the UK

Relocating to the UK is a lot easier for Indians than any other nationality since most of the population is of Indian origin. Job opportunities are plenty with great courses for higher education. Moreover, the demand for skilled foreign workers is on the rise as the UK government is looking to fill gaps in the industry.

Welcoming communities for Indians in the UK are generous to anyone coming from the subcontinent. Given the shared traditions, history and ethnicity, the British Indian population is always present to help others. The UK government prefers Indians because of the high economic contributions by Indians done throughout history. 

The immigration process, too, is not complicated as opposed to other countries. Nevertheless, the information an applicant needs can be overwhelming. There are at least five different types of visas offered by the UK government. Choosing the right one and applying for the right immigration program is challenging.

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