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Move Nas Daily To Singapore For Free #MoovNas2SG

Nobody else loves free things more than Singaporeans. And that should include Nuseir Yassin, better known as Nas Daily, who is moving to Singapore next month. He ought to love free things too, right? Hence, we’re offering to move Nas Daily to Singapore for FREENas Daily mentioned how Singapore made him so jealous that he intends to move to Singapore. And his media company is following him too!

We made our own one minute video to show how excited we are for his Moov. Enjoy!

Nas Daily, We Will Move You And Your Team To Singapore… FOR FREEE!

Hey Nas Daily, we heard you're moving to Singapore and we're stoked! We're well aware that relocation can be a real hassle so our guys here at Moovaz – Tech-Driven Relocation are happy to move you and team, Dear Alyne, Project Nightfall and Franco Dubini to Singapore… FOR FREE! #nasdaily #singapore #welcometosingapore #dearalyne #projectnightfall

Posted by Moovaz – Tech-Driven Relocation on Monday, 25 March 2019

In the spirit of warmly welcoming Nas Daily to Singapore

For someone who has traveled well over half the globe, choosing Singapore as the country of choice to move to is a huge compliment to us Singaporeans. As such, we want to repay this goodwill by helping to smoothen the relocation experience.

Fellow local startup is also offering to lend a helping hand to Nas to find and secure his dream home (update: Nas has accepted’s challenge!) and we are looking forward to working hand-in-hand with them to value-add to his move to our garden city! We are a tech-driven relocation service after all – we fulfill all aspects of relocation including the logistics of each life-move, as well as settling-in post-move, all with the help of our trusted partners here in Singapore!

Tech-Driven Relocation

We intend to secure his visas, register his company office, find co-working spaces, settle him into a home he deserves, and do all the hard work. So that he doesn’t have to.

Moovaz Experts Will Do It All For You

Who doesn’t love FREE things? Look at all our happy faces

Move Nas Daily Singapore Moov Moovaz


We feel that it’s a real honour to have the title of the ‘Almost Perfect Country’ by someone who has travelled so much around the globe. Let’s do our part to spread the warmth and show the world how amazing Singapore truly is!

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