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Moving To Australia? Here Are The Best Australia Immigration Consultants


There are many reasons to move to Australia – the high-quality education system, the great quality of life and the wonderful scenery and climate. Before you begin dreaming of having a flat white along the beach though, you should ensure that your immigration and visa documentation are in order. Not having the correct immigration papers can create a lot of hassle, and in the most extreme scenario, can result in you being removed from Australia. 

Navigating the immigration process may not be the most exciting aspect of your move, but it is absolutely essential. Thankfully, immigration services and immigration consultants are available to help you along the journey. Read on to discover some of our best picks.Find Out More About Immigration and Visa With Our Consultant Today!

*This list is not placed in any particular ranking order. Feel free to contact us if you wish to partner with us.

Austral migration consultancy logo

Specializing in both permanent and provisional residency visas, Austral has helped over 2,000 individuals secure their visas into Australia, providing world-class service every step of the way. With a specialist team of immigration lawyers and agents, Austral is well equipped to navigate the complex immigration system. We like that Australia provides a Pay As You Go Payment Plan, ensuring that should you have to drop out of the process at any stage, your payment will only be limited to the work done so far. 

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At EasyMigrate, the focus is to make your Australian immigration process as stress-free as possible, with easy online bookings and free phone pre-assessments. With a law firm partnership, EasyMigrate is also able to handle immigration appeals for its clients, providing you with a second chance should your application fail. Beyond your visa application, EasyMigrate provides information and guidance on living costs, employment, housing and education, working as you take your first steps into Australia. 

If you are moving for work, SeekVisa may be the immigration consultant of choice. It’s trusted migration agents and lawyers specialize in TSS 482 visas (Temporary Skill Shortage visas), ENS 186 visas (Employer Nomination Scheme), 491 Regional visas (Skilled Work), Business and Investment visas. SeekVisa also provides a range of self-help migration tools, such as a PR Points Calculator that helps you to better understand your eligibility and needs. 

Over the past 12 months, ANZ Migrate has achieved an impressive 100% success rate for its wide range of applications that include business, investment, skilled and family visas, a testament to their professionalism and expertise. Among the pioneers of immigration consulting in Australia and New Zealand, ANZ Migrate helps you realize your dream of living in the Pacific with a dedicated office in Singapore that provides free consultations.

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With a team of multilingual staff, This is Australia is the immigration consultant partner of choice if English is not your first language, greatly easing a major pain point in the immigration process by guiding and translating documents for you. Liaising with the Immigration Department on your behalf, This is Australia aims to be your single point of contact in the process, keeping things efficient and personalized. 

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Since 2002, Migration Expert has helped over 400,000 immigrants enter Australia, making it one of the premier immigration consultant partners. Where Migration Expert excels at is in its flexibility, offering you the option to either do it yourself, preparing and collecting all the paperwork on your own, or leave it up to the experts by having an agent prepare a visa application on your behalf. Whatever your needs may be, Migration Expert helps you save time and money, getting it right the first time with its stellar track record.

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Aussizz Group’s team of immigration and education consultants help you to prepare comprehensively for the immigration process, providing PTE online coaching, PTE tutorials, online IELTS test practice and NAATI CCL courses. With its resources, you will be armed with what you need to pass all the hurdles required to secure your dream job in Australia. Aussizz has a proven record in placing hospitality, engineering, nursing and IT professionals in Australia.


As you navigate your move down under, it is important that you select the right partner to smoothen the process. This means choosing a consultant with the resources to help you with all aspects of migration, including once you’ve crossed the border. 

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[:de]We all know someone who has decided to move to other countries, temporarily or even permanently. But you always wonder, why? Why do people leave everything behind and drop their anchors in unknown waters, far away from their homes? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why people choose to move their lives to another country, often with the help of international relocation services.

Better Opportunities

Many people make a move to a different country because they have a chance of living a better life in another country other than their own. People who might be facing financial struggles in their own country might be able to afford a decent living in another country. For example, moving to Australia might mean better financial stability for some people. Many times it is seen that people living in developing countries move to developed countries in order to have a better chance at life.

Climate Conditions

Climate conditions in their current country of residence might be unfavourable for some people, and they might want to escape the harsh weather conditions in order to lead a better life. People generally want to immigrate from places that are regularly prone to tornados, cyclones, floods, volcanic activity and other acts of nature. Also, people also move away from places that have extreme weather conditions throughout the year.

Heath conditions might also nudge people to move bases. For example, a person suffering from sun allergy might want to move to someplace that has less sun exposure. With the help of overseas relocation services, they are able to move to a country that is much better for their health.


There are a number of people who plan to emigrate after they retire from their jobs, but realise that their current country of residence does not look well after the elderly. They may decide to move to a country which can provide better welfare for the elderly, such as moving to Australia or New Zealand where the health services might be more economical, or the lifestyle might be simpler.

Employment Conditions

One of the major reasons that people move to another country is in search of better employment opportunities. For example, when we see people moving to Auckland from Singapore, it is generally in search of better opportunities and lifestyles. Some people choose to move in order to follow a certain path in their career while others do so to avoid heavy taxation in their current country. In other scenarios, the employer will be interested in shipping off his employee to another branch of the same company in another country.

Political Conditions

Another major reason why people make the big move is the political conditions prevailing in the country of their current residence. People move away from conflicts and natural calamity-hit areas so as to have a better future for themselves and their children. Many times, people also lose faith in the government system of their current country and decide to relocate.


As the world today has become a giant interconnected group, many people have their loved ones move to another country for a variety of reasons. In such cases, their other family members might also want to follow suit and join them to keep their family together. In most of the cases, we find a spouse applying for a petition to move his/her spouse and children to his/her new country of residence. When it comes to cases such as these, having the help of international relocation specialists can help many families settle in a new country comfortably.[:]

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