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6 Best New Zealand Immigration Consultants To Simplify Your Immigration Process

If you’re moving to New Zealand, New Zealand immigration consultants must be on your “to find” list. New Zealand is a bucket-list-worthy travel destination full of beautiful landscapes, diverse wildlife, abundant green forests, friendly folk and an unbeatable lifestyle. And despite its humble size, it also has a great culture, history and outdoor activities.

All in all, it’s a great country to visit and live in!

But, to first be able to gain entry to the land of the kiwis, you will need a valid passport and a New Zealand visa. Applying for a New Zealand visa and navigating through the process by your lonesome can be a difficult, tiresome, and daunting task.

But the good news is that you don’t have to do it alone! You can always get a helping hand from immigration consultants for New Zealand. Thanks to the internet, finding New Zealand immigration consultants has never been easier! However, filtering out and finding the best immigration consultants for New Zealand does still require a bit of legwork.

We know how difficult travelling to a completely new country can be. That’s why to help relieve some of your stress, we’ve compiled a list of the best immigration consultants for New Zealand that are worth considering for your next trip. So you have one less thing to worry about!

With that being said, let’s get right into it!

Aims Global

Aims Global is a firm with an abundance of highly experienced and licensed New Zealand Immigration consultants with over 35 years of total experience. And it has the stats to prove it!

It is trusted by over 10,000 happy clients and has an astonishingly high approval rate of 98 percent for work visas and 92 percent for student and residence visas. The company also offers a free visa assessment evaluation and initial consultation to help you decide which type of visa would be best for your needs and wants.

Its team of New Zealand Immigration Consultants strives to:

  • Help NZ businesses retain and employ onshore and offshore foreign migrant workers
  • Help individuals to study, work, visit or permanently settle in the country
  • Address complex immigration matters for both individuals and employers in New Zealand

Aims Global is also one of the few advisor agencies that have secured the ENZRA (Education New Zealand Recognised Agency) status by Education New Zealand. This unique recognition is only awarded to the highest-quality immigration firms that work effectively with international students.

Having such a badge of approval makes it one of the best and safest choices for students travelling to New Zealand for academic reasons. Aims Global also has recruitment pipelines for businesses across the country through its partnership programs. It also offers support to local employers and Human Resource (HR) teams with accreditation applications, talent acquisitions and retention strategies for its foreign employees if needed.

NZ Immigration Advisers

NZ immigration advisers
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NZ Immigration Advisors is easily one of the most experienced groups of IAA licensed advisors out there. This Auckland based New Zealand immigration advisory has successfully helped over 6000 clients from more than 30 different countries to achieve their New Zealand immigration dreams.

It is also one of the most reviewed New Zealand immigration consultant firms. It has positive reviews (510+ and 535+ 5 star reviews on Google and Facebook, respectively) across the board, thanks to its six licensed advisors who have a combined experience of over 50 years.

NZ Immigration Advisors deals with the major New Zealand visa types and offers its services at affordable rates. Its team also includes multilingual individuals that can guide you through the immigration process in the language of your choice!

This firm also has strategic partnerships and is recognised by prominent organisations such as the New Zealand Association for Migration and Investment (NZAMI), Independent Tertiary Education New Zealand (ITENZ), and Education New Zealand (ENZ).

New Zealand Shores

New Zealand Shores was founded in 2009 and is a consultancy with fully experienced licensed New Zealand immigration consultants. This company specialises in a variety of temporary and permanent NZ visas and has offices in Hamilton (north island) and Nelson (south island).

Navigating through the immigration process with the help of a New Zealand Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA) licensed consultant definitely helps give you the best possible chance of landing that visa you’ve always wanted by making a clear and personalised path through the country’s policies.

This agency also promises a money-back guarantee, which shows how confident it is in its New Zealand Immigration consultants. Its capable team of advisors know all the ins and outs of the regulations and rules that govern a person’s stay in the country and even handle appeals should your first application fail.

It ensures that each client is treated on an individual basis and even provides job assistance to individuals wishing to enter the country on work visas.

Zealand Immigration

Zealand immigration is a reputable licensed immigration consultancy based in Christchurch and specialises in all kinds of resident and work visas.

Its team includes individuals and immigrants from various backgrounds who have had first-hand experience with the immigration department of New Zealand and are therefore well-equipped to give clients the right immigration advice.

It has multilingual staff that are proficient in many different languages such as Mandarin, Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Malayalam, Slovak, English, and Czech to ensure that your language never creates a barrier to your New Zealand immigration process.

Zealand Immigration’s website also features many video guides and resources to ensure that its clients have a trouble-free immigration process and have no questions or queries left unanswered.

Some of the things Zealand Immigration brings to the table and the services it provides include:

  • Court appeals for declined residence visas
  • Submission of responses to Potentially Prejudicial Information (PPI) letters from the Immigration of New Zealand department
  • Consultation for temporary work/visitor/study visas
  • Consultation for Resident/permanent visas
  • Deportation notice reviews
  • Ministerial appeals on complicated immigration matters
  • Section 61 requests for special resident and temporary visas

Migration Associates New Zealand

Migration Associates is a New Zealand visa consultancy with multiple offices in the country and has a team of licensed experts with over ten years of combined industry experience in both New Zealand and Australian immigration policies and laws.

The firm deals in all types of visa applications and have a high success rate of close to 100 percent! It aims to help applicants successfully navigate through the complicated process of immigration, offer them guidance at each step and help them settle in the country.

To help achieve this goal, it has made strategic alliances with many companies like New Zealand Skill in Demand, who can help you find employment opportunities, and a group of other international companies such as MoneyCorp, Transfur, and PSS Removals.

Migration Associates has transparent fixed-rate fees and offers flexible and affordable instalment plans. Consider completing its free initial visa evaluation form to get a written quote of the costs of the immigration process.

It also has a wealth of information about the immigration process on its website and frequently posts updates and news related to updated visa eligibility criteria.

Malcolm Pacific Immigration

Malcolm Pacific immigration
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Malcolm Pacific Immigration has one of the biggest teams of licensed New Zealand immigration consultants in the country and has helped over 70,000 clients successfully over a period of 35 years.

It deals with almost every type of New Zealand visa category available. Its workforce is also multicultural and is well-versed in most major languages such as Mandarin, Cantonese, Farsi, Hebrew, Japanese, Malaysian, Portuguese, Spanish, Urdu, and Vietnamese.

This makes Malcolm Pacific one of the best immigration consultants for New Zealand if English isn’t your first language. Malcolm Pacific Immigration guides applicants in their preferred language, offers translations of important immigration documents and deals with the Immigration officials on your behalf.

It hopes to serve as your single point of contact throughout the immigration process, keeping things structured and individualised.

Many applications for NZ immigration often feel that they don’t need the help of immigration consultants, mainly because there’s no specific requirement to hire one. But having the extra helping hand surely helps make the application process trouble-free and will definitely make your life easier.

That’s why thousands of people turn to immigration consultants each year for their immigration goals. Going by the DIY solo route means that you will need to spend countless hours familiarizing yourself with the complicated New Zealand immigration process.

This includes filling in long and detailed legal documents, meeting deadlines, learning about legal terms and eligibility criteria and keeping up with new immigration rules and regulations.

If this sounds like too much to handle (which it often is for the average person), then consider getting in touch with some of the immigration consultants for New Zealand mentioned above. Trust us. You’ll thank yourself for it in the long run!

All of the immigration consultants for New Zealand listed in this article are great choices and licensed by the New Zealand Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA). Meaning, they have met the requirements and standards of the IAA and are more than qualified to act as immigration advisors.

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