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Applying for a Permanent Residence (PR) in Canada

Permanent Residence (PR) in Canada – Pros and Cons

Permanent residence, for those who are unfamiliar, is essentially the lawful status through which a person can live and work in another country. There are multitudes of people across the world who apply for PR in other countries. Some people do so seeking improved quality of life, some people apply for permanent residence to secure better work, and there are various other reasons to do so as well. Simply put, permanent residence is a method for someone to be able to easily reside and work in another country to their heart’s content without having to change their citizenship.

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What is a Permanent Resident in Canada?

Although permanent residence mostly entails the same things regardless of the country, there are certain differences between PR status across different countries. A permanent resident in Canada is a person who’s a holder of the Canadian PR card and, with this card, they’re entitled to a wide array of benefits.

Canada, in particular, has been renowned as one of the best places to go to for immigrants and there are several reasons why. This is a country that’s widely known for being welcoming to immigrants while also providing most with a greatly improved quality of life. Canadian jobs also pay significantly better than other work opportunities around the globe so it doesn’t really come as a surprise that Canadian PR is something that quite a few people across the world strive for.

With all this being said, let’s get right into the specifics of what it’s like to be a permanent resident in Canada.

Permanent Residence (PR) in Canada – Pros and Cons

Benefits of Being a Permanent Canadian Resident

As you’d expect, there is an endless array of benefits to having Canadian permanent residence and some of these benefits are as follows:

1: Access to World Class Universal Healthcare

One of the most significant highlights of Canadian permanent residence is the access one gets to their top-tier universal healthcare. Unlike privatized healthcare across a variety of countries, Canadian medical care is completely free and every single permanent resident of Canada is entitled to it. This is a major priority for many people as medical expenses can often be quite overwhelming.

2: Social Security Benefits

Another major highlight of having permanent Canadian residence is the fact that one is usually able to enjoy a variety of social security benefits. Immigrants need to have 40 credit points in order to do so which equates to ten years of work. These benefits include things like retirement payments, disability benefits, and several other things.

3: Complete Freedom to Start a Business

Among the biggest benefits of having Canadian PR is the fact that residents are given the ability to legally start their own business with sole proprietorship without needing to be Canadian citizens. This is something that’s certainly going to stand out to a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs who’d like to immigrate to Canada.

4: A Pleasant, Safe, and Secure Environment

Canada is regarded worldwide as one of the most peaceful countries to live in. Not only is it a beautiful place, it’s also home to kind and welcoming people, incredibly low crime rates, acceptable communities, and a safe environment overall.

Cons of Being a Canadian Permanent Resident

Much like every single type of PR out there, there are certain cons of having Canadian permanent residence as well. These include the following:

1: High Cost of Living

This con is somewhat offset by the fact that Canadian jobs are well paying but it’s absolutely essential to highlight that the cost of living in Canada can be quite high. If you acquire permanent residence in Canada, you can expect to pay four-figure rent, especially in the main cities where most immigrants attempt to seek employment.

2: Potential Language Barriers

It goes without saying that one needs to be proficient in English in order to immigrate to Canada. However, it’s also worth noting that French is quite prevalent in this country as well so immigrants can run into language troubles in areas where French is the primary language and English isn’t as common.

Getting Started

1: Before you can apply for a Canadian permanent residence, you’ll need to meet certain eligibility criteria. The Canadian government’s website highlights all the primary requirements that you’ll need to fulfil in order to apply.

2: Once you’ve met the requirements, you’ll need to gather the necessary documents and fill out the online form on the government website to apply. After the application, you must scan and upload the relevant documents.

3: After applying, you’ll need to pay the necessary fees for processing your application. The general fee for one adult is $1,325 CAD.

4: Once you’ve gone through the aforementioned process, you’ll be contacted for other things like your biometrics, setting up an interview, and various other essential steps. Getting through these is generally the final stage of the Canadian PR process.


Although getting Canadian permanent residence might be somewhat challenging, it’s something that many people consider absolutely worthwhile. There’s simply an endless number of benefits to being a Canadian permanent resident that one cannot pass up on should one get the opportunity.

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