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Pet Relocation: Exporting Your Pet From Australia

Pet relocation from Australia is a complicated process. There are many factors to consider. Firstly, you have to familiarise yourself with the pet exportation rules out of Australia, and the pet importation rules in the destination country. Secondly, you have to ensure that your pet has the vaccinations and health screenings it needs pre-departure. Above all, as loving pet owners, we have to ensure that our pets have safe and stress free journeys.

Imagine doing all of this while managing the stress of moving yourself and your family out of Australia. Without a doubt, Pet relocation is tough, and early planning is essential. Here is how you can make relocation with pets easier!

Thankfully, Australia is home to many great pet relocation companies that will guide you in your journey. Here are some of our favourites!

*This list is not placed in any particular ranking order. Feel free to contact us if you wish to partner with us.

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AeroPets Animal Transport is an international pet relocation company for animal lovers. Providing both interstate and overseas pet transportation, AeroPets is a convenient one-stop shop for all your needs. They even have experience handling exotic animals such as snakes and goats! Aeropets provides a full service for you, from making travel bookings, arranging for pet checks and documentation, pick up and delivery at your destination to re-unite you with your pet. Together, AeroPets simplifies the process of pet relocation from Australia, so that you can undertake your travel stress-free.

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With over 40 years of experience transporting pets safely and securely, Dogtainers puts your pets safety at the heart of its business. Like you, your pet flies in a pressurised cabin with the temperature set at a comfortable 18 degrees. Dogtainers will handle it all for you, including the preparation of travel documents, customs clearance and delivery to your final destination. As a member of the IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transport Association), Dogtainers is among the leading pet relocation experts in Australia.

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Based in Tullamarine Melbourne and Sydney Australia, PETS has a global presence with a network of pet travel partners. Having worked for zoos, the Australian Defence Force and Police Dogs, PETS has the experience to tailor any international pet relocation to suit your needs. For international pet relocation, PETS partners with a network of global airlines, giving you priority for the most direct routes.

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Jetpets ensures that your pet never gets left behind. Pet relocation is taken care of with an in-house team of global pet travel consultants, vets and handlers.  Together, the team manages every aspect of your pet’s relocation journey from door to door. In addition, Jetpets offers pet transit lounges, conveniently located near major airports. This allows your pet to relax out of their crates before or after their flights, with vets on hand to ensure their safety.

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All Care understands how stressful the process of planning safe travel for your pet can be. This Perth based business can assist you from getting the right paper work to delivering your pet at destination safely. All Care works with you to provide a package to suit your needs and budget. As a result, the business delivers good, honest, pet relocation at a good and honest price.

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Pet Carriers is luxury travelling for your pets. With spacious private doggy suites and private VIP cat rooms, Pet Carriers provides the best pre-export transit accommodation available. For example, features include light controls, and even piped music systems to calm your pet down. Pet Carriers is also famed for arranging complicated pet relocations that other companies do not have the experience to undertake.

Challenging yet worthwhile – Pet relocation from Australia

It all sounds exciting – and it will be, once you get there. However, pet relocation out of Australia is complicated and time consuming. Who can you trust? We’re talking about a beloved member of your family here, and nothing is more important than your pet’s safety and comfort. Still unsure of where to start? Start your relocation journey with our relo buddies today!


We are aware that the presence of a similarly named company ‘Moovaz Australia’ has resulted in some confusion amongst our Australian customers seeking pet relocation services.   

Moovaz Innovation Pte Ltd would like to clarify that we are by no means affiliated to ‘Moovaz Australia’. We are a Singapore-based company dedicated to providing trusted and efficient international relocation services for our Global Citizens, including pet relocation services.

We urge all our customers to check that you are engaging in business with us – Moovaz Innovation Pte Ltd. Should you have any queries or confusion, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. 

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