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Prepare Early: 4 Tips To Packing Your Shoes Amidst COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, moving and relocating during this time can be difficult and restrictive. However, there are ways in which you can prepare yourself before you eventually travel again. Aside from furniture and decorative objects, you can get started on packing one of the most important parts of your wardrobe: your shoes.

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They are typically bulky and difficult to pack, thus they often need a little extra preparation to ensure they are firmly anchored in place during the move. Here are 4 simple tips to help you pack your shoes properly.

1. Sort Out your Footwear

The first step to take when shifting to a different country is to separate which ones you would like to keep and those you wish to get rid of. This is the perfect time to de-clutter and sort out the shoes that your children have outgrown, old pairs which you have not worn over the years and shoes which have gone out of fashion.

2. Separate your Footwear

With your sorted pile of shoes, segregate them according to their cost. We should separate our expensive pair of shoes from the less expensive ones, for example, separating leather shoes that are used for special occasions from sports shoes that are used for daily wear. Your expensive footwear requires more care while packing so that they do not lose shine and shape by the time they reach your new place.

3. Clean your Footwear

Before you start packing, wipe all of the shoes with a dry cloth to get rid of dust, dirt and stains. Make sure you scrape out the stones and stubborn dirt that gets stuck in the soles. Thereafter, you can put all of the pairs together and sort them according to use. Keep a couple of pairs that you intend to use and a few pairs that you wish to store.

4. Packing your Footwear

Once you are done with cleaning, keep all of your shoes together to stay organised. Pick a new roll of packing paper to pack all of your expensive and leather shoes. These shoes have to be wrapped properly and placed in boxes which are size-appropriate. Place dry tea-bags in the shoes prevent bad odour, so your shoes will smell fresh when you reach your new home. Proper storage will also prevent your shoes to crease, lose their shape and look damaged. Avoid using plastic bags to pack your shoes as it could lead to mould.

Label all the boxes. Pack your heavy shoes at the bottom and place the lighter ones on top, but avoid overloading your boxes. You can stuff some pairs of shoes with socks so that they do not lose their shape in transit. Alternatively, crumple some paper and place the paper balls inside the shoes.


These simple tips can help in the packing and moving of your shoes safely and ensure they arrive in good condition. If you are in need of relocation services in Singapore after the COVID-19 outbreak, get in touch with an international mover. At Moovaz, our professional movers will handle the shipment process seamlessly and with care to help you relocate successfully.

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