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Private Transport Hire In The UK: Getting Around In Style

Private transport hire options in the UK are as plentiful as they are varied. From sleek, luxury sedans to bulky motor coaches, you can be sure that there is something that suits your needs. We recommend looking for companies that have a longstanding track record of safety and service, insurance, and provide 24/7 support should you encounter any difficulties. We have done our research and came up with a short list for your consideration.

*This list is not placed in any particular ranking order. Feel free to contact us if you wish to partner with us.

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From Portsmouth to Edinburgh, Investravel’s network of minibuses and coaches-for-hire stretches to every major city in the UK and even Europe. If you find yourself having to organize private transport hire in the UK, Investravel has you covered. Simply fill up an online form  and a customer support officer will contact you shortly with quotes. It is that simple. Alternatively, you can also give them a call or email should you have special requirements such as multiple pick-up and drop-off locations. 

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 UK Passager Direct

For many in the corporate world, private transport hire in the UK is an excellent, cost-effective way of making your guests feel valued. Based in Peterborough and with offices across the East Midlands and East Anglia, UK Passenger Direct is strategically placed to offer a whole suite of services. These range from premium business travel, document deliveries, events and wedding chauffeur services.

Arrangements can also be made for special-needs cases, with accommodations made for young children, wheelchairs and even guide dogs. Get in touch with their friendly and professional customer support team to find out how you can customize your trip.

UK Car Bookings

UK Car Bookings is a private transport hire company based out of London, UK. It caters to both corporate and leisure clienteles. Take advantage of their convenient and straightforward booking process. Simply download their phone app, create an account and proceed to make your booking.

However, do take note that their current fleet only consists of MPVs and sedan vehicles. That means that for groups of more than 7 people, multiple vehicles will have to be chartered.

GOGO Charters

All set and ready to GOGO? GOGO Charters provide private transport hire buses across more than 50 UK cities. From luxury coaches to minibuses, cross-country travel to short distance shuttles, GOGO has the perfect vehicle for your group.

 Awarded a 5-star rating by the US Bus Association, GOGO Coaches prioritizes your travelling comfort by providing only modern vehicles equipped with up-to-date amenities, including onboard Wifi, televisions, charging outlets and recycling seats with adequate legroom.

 EG Chauffeurs

Being London’s premier private transport hire service, EG Chauffeurs in the UK is the obvious choice for anyone with a deep desire to impress and the pockets to match. When you partner with EG Chauffeurs, it is safe to say that you are paying for more than transportation. You are paying for the James Bond experience. With an inventory of cars that include the Bentley Mulsanne and Rolls Royce Phantom, you can see why they are the top rated charter service around.

Do note that in order to ensure their standard of excellence, all bookings will have to be made at least 24 hours in advance. With high demand and limited vehicles, it is also recommended that you get in touch early to avoid disappointment.

Arranging private transport hire in the UK is a very straightforward and easy process. Plan ahead and get in touch early if possible, and be sure to be clear on any special requirements you may have. Leave the heavy lifting to the professionals and enjoy the journey ahead! Want more relocation tips? Simply plan your journey with Moovaz today!

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