relocation to Australia with Moovaz during Covid-19 pandemic

Relocating to Australia during COVID-19 (updated 2021)

(This article was updated on 7 June 2021) While the COVID-19 pandemic may have affected our routines of everyday life globally, moving is not always something that can wait. This article will tell you how to relocate to Australia during COVID-19, which includes what you must note before moving to Australia, to when you arrive in the country! Read on to find out more!

Before You Relocate to Australia

In light of COVID-19, passengers travelling to Australia must be tested for COVID-19 72 hours or less prior to the scheduled flight departure. They must also display evidence of a negative test result at the time of check-in. COVID-19 PCR testing is required. Passengers arriving on a green safe travel zone flight are exempt from pre-departure testing requirements. Countries where COVID-19 PCR testing is not reasonably available are also exempt, as determined by the Australian Government.

Relocating during COVID-19 period? Vaccine Passport is another thing you shouldn’t ignore. Check here for more information.

Australia Visas

If you want to relocate to, live, and work in Australia, it is important to apply for your visa. Australia’s visa requirements depend on the type of professional work permit you are applying for. Some of the most common requirements to apply successfully include a competent level of English language skill, meeting Australia’s health and character requirements, and holding an eligible job or profession.

Moving Your Items

Upon obtaining your work visa, it’s time to plan the logistics of your move. We strongly advise hiring a reliable international mover. Furthermore, it helps if book your packing day early. Given the COVID-19 regulations and health measurements, this could lead to slight delays. Hence, booking early is vital. As the relocation process is one that is personal, it is important to have the right international relocation service provider to accompany you alongside this journey!


It is important to begin looking for a home in Australia as well to ensure that you have a place to live in . Good housing is difficult to secure in Australia given an incredibly competitive housing market.  You need to know how to rent or buy a house as a foreigner before you even start looking. Many expatriates rent a service apartment, and factors to consider include whether you are looking for short-term accommodations or long-term accommodations. 

One must also remember to factor in transit time and potential delays when you relocate to Australia.  Business operations and opening hours may be affected by COVID-19 regulations. Do be patient if you experience delayed responses from vendors in your move to Australia. Do also prepare documents  which may include COVID-19 screening test, and/or any other documents that may be required given Australia’s regulations.

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Arrival in Australia

Australia’s borders are currently closed. The only people who can travel to Australia are:

  • Australian citizens
  • Permanent residents
  • Immediate family members
  • Travelers who have been in New Zealand for at least the 14 days before the date of departure.

This does not include the Realm Countries of the Cook Islands and Niue. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, travelers arriving in Australia by air or sea may need to go into government approved mandatory quarantine for 14 days from arrival. Exceptions include travelers who are either: Travelling from a green zone or in an exemption category.

Preparing for your 14-day quarantine is key.

14 Day Quarantine Information pertaining to the different travel zones is as listed in the table below.

Green Zone Travel from New Zealand to Australia
If you have arrived in Australia from a safe travel zone country and have not been in any other country in the past 14 days, you do not need to quarantine.

At the airport you may be required to undergo health screening. In this zone, you will not be in contact with passengers from any other countries. For travel to other states and territories in Australia, you must check local requirements prior to travelling. Some states and territories may require travelers from safe zone countries to quarantine on arrival.

Travelers coming from New Zealand do not need to complete a 14 day mandatory quarantine if:

They travelled on a green zone flight, andhave been only in New Zealand territory (New Zealand and Tokelau) or Australia for at least the 14 days immediately before the date of departure.

NOTE: the safe travel zone does not apply to:

New Zealand citizens who are outside New Zealand territory, such as those in the Realm countries of the Cook Islands and Niue.

New Zealand citizens who have not been in New Zealand  (New Zealand and Tokelau) for at least 14 days immediately before the date of departure.

Passengers arriving in Australia should check local requirements prior to domestic travel. Certain states/territories may still require travelers from a green zone to quarantine on arrival.


Now that you have all the information needed to relocate to Australia during COVID-19, you can Start your relocation journey with our Relo Buddies today! Start your relocation journey with our Relo Buddies today!

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