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relocation to the US with Moovaz during Covid-19 pandemic

Relocate to the United States – How to have a smooth move during COVID-19 (Updated 2021)

(This article was updated on 10 June 2021) The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many relocation plans and has brought much uncertainty and worry to many people. Millions of people are moving out or back home for various reasons, such as education, jobs, family, security, and safety. Perhaps you are planning to relocate to the United States during COVID-19, this article will share with you the process on how you can move with confidence during this period of time. Read on! 

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You will require a negative COVID-19 test result or documentation from a licensed health care provider of having recovered from COVID-19 in the 90 days preceding travel. Click here to view the attachment of the checklist on how they verify a negative test or document your recovery by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Make an appointment to get tested 48 hours before your flight, and all foreign nationals are mandated to serve up to 14 days of quarantine upon arrival. 

With the constant change to the travel restriction and stricter measures, plans can change really quickly. Hence, keep yourself informed by following the news or you may follow Moovaz Global COVID-19 mobility update. A tip is to sign up for the newsletter, save the hustle to look everywhere. You may refer to our COVID-19 Mobility Updates in the USA here

Next, apply for Visa. There are 4 main categories of visas in the United States of America.

Types of VisaDescription
Non-Immigrant VisaFor temporary visits (e.g. business, tourism, work, studying, or visiting family)
Immigrant Visa
For foreign nationals to immigrate to the United States with the intention to live and work permanently. At the US port of entry, the immigrant visa holder will be processed for an I-551, permanent resident card (which is also referred to as a ‘green card’). Once endorsed with a CBP admission stamp, this serves as temporary I-551 granting permanent residence for a year. For a child who is admitted to the United States holding an IR-3 or IH-3 visa, they will automatically become a United States citizen and be processed for a certificate of citizenship (N-560).
Dual Intent Visa
One that allows making concurrent applications for permanent resident status, or with the intent to apply for permanent residence.
Employment Visa
An employment visa may be described as a three-step process in most cases. First, the employer must obtain a labor certification approval from the Department of Labor before filing an application with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to request the relevant category visa for the individual. If the employer’s application is approved, the individual will be authorized to apply for a visa. After application, the individual will be usually interviewed at a U.S. embassy or consulate in the native country. If the embassy or consulate grants the visa, the individual is then allowed to travel to the US.

Before the Move

Once you have checked on what you must do during this period of the pandemic. We begin with the planning of logistics and administration. As different people have different needs and want, it is important to rank them according to priority. The conventional way is to create a blank sheet on your computer and list them all down from accommodation to jobs, educations, finances, pets, and more. However, the process of looking for each service can be stressful. Why not quicken the process and reduce some of your worries with the help of an international relocation platform? Moovaz is an international relocation company where they specially pick companies to collaborate with and provide you with their personalized dashboard to keep track of every process from the start to the end. Also, advice from experts to guide and give insights to help you better your decision-making. Try a free consultation with our Relo Buddies today! 

The Other Side

Apart from settling down with the logistics and starting a new venture. The next step is to adapt to the new environment and culture of the country. Having to understand that relocating can be a little lonely and mentally tolling at times. One way is to join a community, be part of an interest group, or be involved in your neighborhood activities. This can help you ease into a new environment easier with help from people who are more familiar with the place. Therefore, Moovaz’s vision is to create a community where people can support each other during times like this, especially with the pandemic, going out meeting people can be challenging. The Moovaz Relo Platform does provide some ideas and activities to get to know more people. 


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