Relocating – Carrying the Most Important Thing

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Are you moving abroad? If you are, then you must be excited for the next chapter in your life but at the same time stressed out hoping the move will go well. Part of the process might involve navigating paperwork and possible red tape. For this, you will have to prepare several important documents for your relocation. Plan Your Journey Now! 

Below is a list of all the documents you will need:

  • Passport

Ensure you have a valid passport with a minimum of 6 months validity to be allowed to enter your destination

  • Visa for you and your family

You and your family will need to have the relevant and valid visas of your destination country before you make the move in order to stay in the country for a certain period of time

  • Work Permit

In certain countries, having a visa does not mean you can automatically work there. You will be required to have a Work Permit in order to work there.

  • Birth Certificate

This will allow you to complete official work for you and your family and requires the document in your destination country.

  • School Records

To transfer the records to the new school and your child can begin without delay. 

  • Medical Records

Medical Records may be needed for work or your child’s school before they can enrol.

  • Insurance Cards

To get health insurance in the destination country.

  • Marriage Certificate

To prove a marital relationship for tax purposes and other official work.

  • Financial Records

To help you manage your finances better when moving from one country to another.

  • Veterinary Records

Only pets with a valid health certificate will be allowed to be on the plane and/or enter the destination country. You will need to check with the relevant authorities for the documents and procedures for bringing a pet into the country.

Besides having all these documents accounted for, you will need to do two things for a smooth relocation. First, keep every document in one safe location which you can remember to avoid a scenario of a misplaced document. Second, you must bring all these documents with you in your hand carry and not pack them into the relocation boxes just in case you need immediate access to them. Once, they are all in order, you are one step closer to completing your relocation plans. 

Here at Moovaz, our global relocation services are ready to assist you with moving into your new home. By being one of Singapore’s trusted international relocation platforms during this challenging period, we ensure that you will be kept up-to-date on the latest news regarding the pandemic for a stress-free relocation.


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