Relocating Overseas – What are the must brings

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Are you planning on relocating soon? Well, here’s a fact: The relocation process begins as early as two months before your move. Therefore, it is important to begin the packing process early. 

When making plans to move, many aspects have to be covered. One of them includes packing for the long-haul trip. Indeed, packing is tedious and sometimes overwhelming. Nonetheless, your stress can be reduced through meticulous planning beforehand. 

To help you, we’ve compiled a list of the most important things you should carry along with you, and the ones you need to leave behind.

Carry Along

  • Drug Prescriptions

First, it is imperative that you carry along your personal medication. You can also include a doctor’s letter if necessary. This is to ensure that your health and medical needs are properly taken care of throughout your travel. Do ensure you check the health guidelines of your destination country to understand if special approval is needed from the authorities to bring in specific medication. 

  • Shoes

Next, you may also want to consider bringing your shoes along with you. There are vast differences in shoe sizes all around the world. Furthermore, shoe sizes for men that are US12 and higher, as well as US9 and more for women, may be harder to find. Thus, you may want to start settling your shoes early and stocking up on ideal pairs to bring with you. For more tips on packing your shoes, check out this article.

  • Clothing

Prior to travelling, it is important to research the weather in your destination country, and pack accordingly. If you’re relocating to a hot and humid country, such as Singapore, it would be advisable for you to pack shorts and t-shirts along. However, if you are planning to relocate to colder countries, do ensure you pack enough clothing to beat the cold weather.

  • Travel Adapter

Power plugs and sockets differ across countries. This is why we recommend bringing a few power adapters with you, so that you can charge your electronic gadgets without having to spend money on new chargers. 

Leave Behind

Relocating is also a good time to leave some of your existing belongings behind, ranging from holey clothing to prohibited items in your destination items. To find out more about what you should or shouldn’t bring, check out this article


Indeed, the relocation process is not an easy one. However, hiring a moving  professional that offers international relocation services can significantly reduce your stress. Moovaz is a team of removalists from Singapore. If you’re ever embarking on a moving journey, we’d be more than honoured and happy to join you.

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