Relocating With Your Kids: Tips On Moving After Covid-19

It is a difficult time during a pandemic to be moving, but if you have planned to relocate, then your kids should be informed accordingly. Relocation is a significant change, not just for your kids, but for the entire family as well. When you have an open discussion with them, this can help to make the relocation process easier for everyone.

Not only should you keep your keep your child safe during this challenging period, but you can even prepare them ahead for the move. Relocating with your family can bring everyone closer together, and you should ensure that they understand the purpose of moving to someplace new. To get you started, here are a few tips to help you plan your relocation with your kids once the Covid-19 situation has eased.

1. Involve your kids

While you will be leaving behind your neighbourhood and your lifestyle, your kids might be concerned about leaving behind their circle of friends. It is always best to let your kids know early, rather than let them find out until the last minute. In fact, letting your kids help you throughout the moving process can help them have some form of control. It is wise to avoid leaving them out of the relocation decision, since it also involves a major change to everything that is familiar in their life.

2. Saying goodbye to their friends

Giving your kids the opportunity to say goodbye to their friends can help them process the reality of the relocation. However, you can always remind them that the friendships forged with their friends can still be connected online, through social media, calls and texts. Let your kids know that despite moving to a new location, they can always keep in touch with their friends through the internet.

3. Get yourself ready

The stress involved in the relocation process can prove to be daunting. Begin by preparing a checklist and put your top “must-pack” priorities first. If you ever need help to sort out your packing and storage of boxes, reach out to reliable movers which provide international relocation services in Singapore. At Moovaz, we can provide assistance in your relocation process and ensures it goes smoothly without causing you more stress.

4. Make plans for your new house

Moving from the old house and into an unfamiliar, foreign country can cause plenty of sad and bittersweet emotions. Change up the mood by bringing up suggestions on how excited they can be when moving into their new home. Share with them on the array of choices they have, from picking the wall colour of their room, and the kind of toys they wish to bring along for their play area. This can drum up some excitement for your kids and turn those frowns upside down.

5. Prepare Children For School

School plays a big part in shaping your children childhood., picking the right school for your children requires time. Thereby, the tip to quicken the process is to engage with an international relocation platform where they have consultants to reccomend you. Otherwise, you may also read on the article prepared by Sarah Sandidge on her 10 factos to consider when choosing an international school.


Here at Moovaz, our global relocation services are ready to assist you with moving into your new home. By being one of Singapore’s trusted international relocation platform during this challenging period, we ensure that you will be kept up-to-date on the latest news regarding the pandemic for a stress-free relocation.

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