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  • Services That A Relocation Provider Can Offer to Support Your Relocation Process

Services That A Relocation Provider Can Offer to Support Your Relocation Process

Moving to a new city but not sure where to start? Relocating can be unnerving, but it can be one of the best decisions of your life, unearthing new career opportunities, networks, and experiences. It comes as no surprise that there are a lot of elements that you need to consider when moving. Once you start looking into your relocation it can often begin snowballing, with more and more tasks being added to your list. From home searching to settling-in services, a relocation provider can help to guide you along your relocation journey, smoothing out any bumps in the road, or mitigating them before they even arise. Some vital aspects of your relocation process that a relocation provider can help you with include: 

  • Help you get organised in the planning stages.
  • Aid you with settling-in services, like getting you set up in the new area.
  • Connect you with other trustworthy professionals such as movers, packers, and realtors.

Relocation Services 

The goal of relocation providers is to create value for each client and make relocation a stress-free and efficient process. Typically, relocation providers either provide end-to- end or destination services. An end-to-end provider guides you through every step of the process, from visa application to home search. Destination services focus on on-the-ground services when you arrive in the country. Typical relocation services offered by relocation providers include: 

  • Accommodation search: Providers can help you look for your temporary accommodation, or your new home. Based on your preferences and length of stay, providers can direct you to the right accommodation resources, and share valuable advice including typical accommodation structures, neighbourhood, price ranges, and more. Each country has varying rules and regulations for accommodation, so consulting an expert can help you avoid confusion and save you time. Find out more about housing in Singapore here
  • Moving & storage: It’s never easy moving to another country. First there’s the stress of deciding what to ship and what to leave, then the anxiety of actually arranging for everything to be shipped, before the sometimes overwhelming prospect of having to unpack and organise everything when it all arrives. Will you need storage space before you can move into your new home? Leave these worries to a professional mover, like Moovaz, who will be able to give you the tips and advice you need. 
  • School search: If you are moving with your child(ren), you will understand that finding the right school is one of the most important decisions you will have to make when relocating. Major decisions like choosing between local and international school options can get complicated. If you’re moving mid-semester, or moving from a country that uses a significantly different curriculum, there’s often an additional layer of complexity. Relocation providers can help you make an informed decision with an education consultant to guide you through the entire process. Read our comprehensive guide for schools in Singapore here
  • Pet relocation: Bringing your furry friend with you? At times, relocating your pet can take more preparation and paperwork than moving yourself! Organising pet relocation can take weeks of preparation in order to comply with pre-arrival requirements, such as having a microchip implanted, vaccinations, and certifications. Then, you can’t forget about the post-arrival processes, such as obtaining a license and arranging for inspections. Keeping track of all the requirements and optimising scheduling can be a difficult task. A relocation provider can help you make arrangements to help you ensure that your pet experiences a purr-fect relocation. Learn more about how to make relocation with pets easier here.

Settling-In Services

Don’t be fooled, your relocation journey does not stop once you land in your new host country. Some relocation providers also provide settling-in services, for when you have touched down and are getting used to life in your home. These services are arguably just as important as the pre-arrival elements of your relocation process. In Singapore, some commonly required settling-in services include: 

  • Cleaning services: From freelance cleaners, to cleaning companies, to agencies, there are a lot of cleaning services to choose from. A relocation provider can connect you with trusted cleaning professionals that are sure to do the job properly and safely.
  • AC servicing: Air-conditioning is a necessity in Singapore, so AC servicing is something that is recommended and oftentimes mandatory to conduct on a regular basis. Being introduced to trusted partners who offer a service guarantee and professional service is integral in this process. 
  • Health services & insurance: Securing a good medical insurance policy is a key first step to finding your footing in a new city. Singapore’s robust market of providers means plenty of options, agents, and brokers; so figuring out what’s affordable for one’s budget and lifestyle is difficult for any expat, especially if you’re planning on starting a family! 
  • Others: Pet services, sports coaching & lessons, language & activity classes, car rental, mobile phone & SIM set up, and more. 

Finding the Right Provider for You

Finding the right relocation provider for you depends on your preferences and what level of relocation support you are looking for. For people moving to Singapore, Moovaz recommends Relogo as our trusted relocation provider. Together, Moovaz and Relogo can work together to provide a comprehensive relocation package for our clients. 

Relogo is a one-stop relocation platform empowering individuals to make self-managed moves. Together with their curated list of trusted service providers, Relogo helps you make informed decisions along your relocation journey. Relogo’s a-la-carte relocation services are complimentary for clients, providing cost savings and time efficiencies so you can focus on what is important to you during your move. From short-term accommodation search to school search, Relogo can offer all services mentioned in this article. The Relogo Coliving platform also offers a range of move-in-ready short-term accommodation options with flexible lease terms. 

If you require more comprehensive assistance, Relogo’s professional concierge team can handle all the endless details involved in relocating. They will provide the important information you need, and guide you through the process to ensure you have a smooth and stress-free move. Enjoy an exclusive 10% off all Relogo packages when you sign up with Moovaz! Visit Relogo to discuss a personalised package today!

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