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7 Best Singapore Immigration Consultants To Simplify Your Immigration Process

Immigrating to a foreign country maybe a little too much for you to take in. The process can get overwhelming. Especially since you have to apply for so many different things like such as visas, housing and so on. So, if you’re thinking of moving to Singapore but have zero ideas on where to even start, you’ve come to the right place!

The relocation process is stressful enough, and we want to help you minimise the stress level of moving abroad. With these 5 best Singapore immigration consultants recommended, we hope to provide you with a seamless relocation experience.

*This list is not placed in any particular order of ranking. 

1. Singapore Immigration Consultant

Singapore Immigration Consultant is known as one of the most trusted immigration consultancy firms in Singapore.

With over 12,000 customers, the firm focuses on helping clients who want to apply for Singapore PR and Singapore citizenship. Additionally, they help clients who may be planning to start or expand their business in Singapore. They even assist with their clients and their employees work pass applications. The firm even helps with the appeal for rejection cases and re-application procedures.

With transparency and work professionalism that is in accordance with the Singapore standards and regulations, your mind will be mind at ease when relocating knowing that the firm will help you handle the process of your application with extreme care.

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2. Singapore Immigration Consultants

Singapore Immigration Consultants is popular among expats who are looking to join the Singapore economy. With over a decade of experience in consultancy, the firm has and will continue to help entrepreneurs and individuals obtain their desired visas that allows them to stay in Singapore with ease. Whether it is for a PR visa, social visit visa or business-related visa, the firm has got you covered. 

With their knowledge and expertise in professional incorporation and immigration services, the firm serves clients, especially skilled professionals, business owners and foreign investors.

So if you’re someone who may be looking for a new job, who wants to invest in a local company or find a property to set up a new business here in Singapore, this is the firm you should be going for. 

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3. OCSC Global

OCSC Global is a one-stop solution for all your immigration needs.

From applying the right types of visa to the procedures for setting up a business, getting a job, making arrangements for short/long term accommodation and even for visits to educational institutions, the firm has got all kinds of services available to cater to your needs. 

Besides that, a free consultation is provided by the firm who will review and assess your eligibility to apply for the various categories of visas and permits. This will then allow you to customise your plan while having full visibility into the costs incurred and the progress of your relocation journey. 

With over 30 years of consultancy experience, the team of experts at OCSC Global will bring the best service to you and ensure that your immigration process flows smoothly.

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4. Immigration@SG LLP 

You can place your trust in Immigration@SG when it comes to professional advice on visa applications and relocation services. As a multiple award-winning immigration consultancy firm, it has gained recognition and trust among expats who want to migrate to Singapore for individual or business purposes. 

With a diverse and knowledgeable team of well-trained, experienced professionals in the industry, the firm takes pride in providing comprehensive services that best suit your needs. 

Since they are experts in the industry, you can expect them to be well-versed with Singapore’s immigration laws and regulations and ensure that all documents submitted comply with the standard requirements. 

The firm offers a free consultation where you’ll be given advice on how to customise your relocation journey, what kinds of documents you will need and many more. They also handle complex immigration cases and rejection and appeal cases on top of the basic visa and work applications in Singapore. 

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5. Yash Global Consultants

If you’re a student looking to further your studies in Singapore and need to apply for a student visa, Yash Global Consultants is the right place to go.

From applying for student visas to making arrangements for airport pickups, temporary accommodation and even opening a bank account in the local country. You can put your mind at ease knowing that the necessary arrangements will be planned and prepared in advance.

The firm is certified, registered and recognised as one of the best immigration consultants in Singapore. With the goal of providing the best customer service to their clients, the firm goes the extra mile to help their clients meet certain requirements, prepare for interviews, as well as validation so they can meet the immigration needs.

With a dedicated team of experienced consultants, you can expect a service that is fully focused on personalising your moving journey as well as honest and professional advice along the way as the consultants guide you through the whole application process step by step.

Yash Global Consultants does not only operate in Singapore but also in other countries such as Canada, Australia, USA, Europe and UAE.

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6. One Visa

As one of the leading immigration agencies in Singapore, One Visa has won the hearts of many immigrants not just from Singapore, but from other countries like Australia, Angola, New Zealand and the US.

It is well-known for having a fast response to clients’ enquiries, high approval rates and a reliable team of consultants that are willing to go the extra mile to provide clients with a seamless relocation experience. 

Whether you’re an employee, an entrepreneur or an investor looking for opportunities in the Singapore economy, you can engage the agency with a 4-step systematic approach and they will do the rest of the work for you – provided they have all the necessary documents required from you. 

One Visa also offers immigration tips and country guides with relevant topics that might be useful for your relocation process on their blog. Should you develop an interest in getting the latest immigration news, you could sign up for their newsletter as well. 

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7. Singapore Top Immigration

With skilled professionals in this area of expertise, Singapore Top Immigration specialises in helping expats to apply for Singapore PR or Citizenship status. They also provide services pertaining to appeal cases if your application was previously rejected. 

At Singapore Top Immigration, you can expect to be treated in a friendly and welcoming way. These consultants offer you the best relocation assistance and advice by understanding your needs and thereafter be able to provide you with personalised service. This allows for one hundred percent transparency as you’ll be kept in the loop of your application process and ensure that you get what you’re paying for.  

This firm was rated as one of the best immigration consultants in Singapore with excellent customer service and a high approval rate – so there’s a high chance that you’re likely to get your PR status in Singapore with the help of these consultants.

With a team of dedicated and like-minded professionals who genuinely want to help you make Singapore your second home, you can expect them to guide you through the application process step by step, from doing up all the paperwork to the submission and finally the approval stage.

The firm also offers insightful articles that drive key messages and impart important information to its clients. So if you would like to understand more about the immigration process in general, you could look up their articles to gain new knowledge!

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