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Singapore Permanent Resident Applications – Myths Busted

A study by the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) revealed that Singapore must continue to open its doors to foreign professionals. However, Singapore must be prudent in its selection process moving forward, said the think tank. This is the Selective Immigration framework adopted by the Singapore Government. Permanent Residency hopefuls are often discouraged by naysayers and deterred by rumours and myths lurking in forums. However, these are, more often than not, very untrue. Let us look at what are the common misconceptions and here at The Immigration People, we aim to debunk these myths as we strongly believe that everyone deserve a chance to realise their Singapore immigration dream. Try a free consultation with our Relo Buddies today!

Table of Contents

Myth 1

“Applicants from India will never achieve Singapore PR”

The Smart Nation initiative by the Singapore government is all about harnessing technology for our little red dot to stay ahead as a global city, the financial & technology hub of Asia, and most importantly, to enhance the lives of our people. From experts specializing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to software developers, the foreign talents from India are at the forefront of consideration. Singapore is also a multiracial and multicultural country with Indians as one of our main ethnic group. There is definitely a sizeable quota for Indian professionals who are ready to commit and sink their roots locally.

Myth 2

“Singapore has lowered their rate of approval to a point that nobody should even bother!”

Figures and statistics do not lie, let the graph below clarify your doubts!

We have seen a gradual and encouraging increase in the number of approved applicants for Permanent Residency since 2014. We should be expecting the number to gradually increase on a yearly basis as this is required for Singapore to reach our 6.9 million population goal by 2030! And for now, this is the current “magic” ratio for Singapore PRs to Singapore Citizens.

Myth 3

“Do not bother yourself with the supposed supporting documents for your PR applications! These documents are full of hot air – if the ICA did not request for them, they are not important at all!”

It is untrue that if ICA did not ask for them, you cannot submit additional documents to support your case! In fact, ministers and newspaper articles have hinted many times on the importance of showing your commitment to sink roots and social integration efforts for aspiring PRs and Citizens. How do you expect ICA to learn about these aspects of your profile if you do not present them in the form of supporting documents? Of course, we do not mean to merely “dump” ICA with any form of additional documents that you assume will lend weight to your respective immigration applications. Not only must these supporting be carefully thought out based on your credentials and track record, they also must be presented in an organised manner. Key information must be displayed clearly, so the Immigration Authorities can properly assess your application in a favourable manner.

Singapore Permanent Residency hopefuls will have to be extremely sure-footed in the next/first try in their application.

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