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Talent mobility software for HR managers

Talent Mobility Software for HR Managers

In today’s dynamic, fast-paced economy, new opportunities and changes in strategic focus can arise anytime. This demands companies to have the agile, flexible talent to take up these opportunities in stride as they come. As a result, HR managers are often required to shift company resumes to meet these evolving needs, which necessitates an in-depth understanding of internal and external talent pipelines. This will allow them to leverage and mobilize key skills and personnel within the company and globally any time the need comes up.            

Talent mobility influences a company’s ability to dynamically develop and align existing and future talent with the evolving business strategy. It involves moving the workforce to where their skill is needed the most and where they will be most productive. Essentially, it’s about having the right personnel, with the right skills, at the right place and most importantly, at the right time. Talent mobility goes beyond conventional succession planning. It is the deliberate proactive and strategic choice to move people within roles and at any level of the organisation to meets set goals. This requires thorough intelligence and knowledge of existing and future skill gaps, and luckily, HR managers don’t have to do it by themselves. In the current digital business landscape, there exists talent mobility software to help them establish solid talent mobility frameworks and practices. Here is a roundup of a few popular talent mobility software.

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Here are some of the top Talent Mobility Software HR Managers should know:


This talent mobility software has a global mobility management system acting as a single point of contact for HR professionals, relocation companies, service providers, and assignees to monitor and manage the entire relocation pipeline.

Part of talent mobility is relocating the workforce within countries and internationally. Relotalent is the one-stop-shop for all stakeholders involved in the staff relocation process. This is necessary for ensuring optimized productivity despite one’s location. Relotalent ensures that employees are taken care of at every step of the way, including onboarding, to guarantee seamless transition according to the standards of the firm.

Additionally, the HR department has complete oversight over all moving parts because it is when outsourcing that the problems begin to occur. Relotalent guarantees data safety and international relocation compliance. Plus, it affords HR practitioners the ability to project relocation costs, taxes, allowances, salaries, and compensation for any location moved. Currently, Relotalent covers 371 cities in 47 countries and provides accurate data from experts to help with planning.


A global talent mobility software that helps with the deployment and management of talent globally.

With a distributed workforce, especially with the current remote work setups, Topia allows companies to connect and standardize their entire workforce data in a single dashboard. This is instrumental in scenario planning, managing talent mobility on an automated platform, delivering payroll and generating reports on compensation, and assisting with compliance in a remote work setup and business travel.

Posted worker and international labor regulations are a sensitive issue for most companies, and Topia One—a cloud-based platform, offers a way to connect and standardize all the necessary data to help with deployment, management, and engagement with mobile talent globally.

Mobility empowered

An end-to-end talent mobility platform allowing companies to shop for comprehensive relocation packages from prequalified suppliers.

Mobility Empowered gives onboarding support to all relocating employees. It allows HR departments to get all necessary forms for relocated staff in one place, whether it is immigration, HR, payrolls, taxation, travel logistics, and more. It makes comparison, booking, and relocation available on one simple interface.

Mobility Empowered leverages the power of the open relocation market to remove barriers for companies, relocation suppliers, and talent by allowing them to create custom packages that best suit their interests. They also offer complete support every step of the way, which means HR departments can now better focus on productive activities.

NRI Relocation Services

NRI relocation services coordinate USA relocation services and global talent mobility with their US-based and global departure, destination, and management services for corporates.

NRI Relocation Services offer home sale assistance, temporary house coordination, new housing assistance, and relocation expense management – services that HR departments will typically outsource to multiple vendors.

NRI Relocations provides personalized service to every request with transparent pricing and cost reporting that most companies can rely on for budgeting, comparison, and analytics.


Jobbatical endeavors to help companies hire the talent they need despite their location by reshaping the international relocation process through government partnerships and technology.

Jobbatical makes it easy for companies to start relocation requests. And thanks to their expert team of talent mobility experts, companies can better handle the immigration process, HR, payrolls, taxation, travel logistics, and more under the oversight of their HR departments.

They help companies hire internationally and handle all the red tape before an employee arrives for a seamless transition. The platform allows new hires to settle down in the new addresses with basic services like account opening, house searches, doctors’ registration, addresses, education support. Therefore, a company gets the employees they want when they want them—without hassle.

Talent mobility software is indeed a key differentiator and driver of success with the potential to help companies streamline the relocation process, achieve corporate goals, shift resources to where they are needed most, and realize overall success. Are you looking for the best talent mobility software for your employees?


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