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Telecommunication Services In The UK: Your Handy Guide

They say you never know what you have till it’s gone, and a mobile connection is one of those things. Having an active connection means that you can stay on top of emails, book flights and search for new favourite spots. For new expats, telecommunication services in the UK is one of the first things you need to get started. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered. Say hello to the grid with our guide to the best telecommunication services in the UK.

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vodafone telecommunication

As voted by TrustedReviews, Vodafone is UK’s best network, with faster speeds, lower latency and an incredibly reliable connection. Its network covers over 99% of the UK population, and also allows you to roam overseas, free of charge. With an extensive reach, Vodafone keeps things simple by helping you stay connected to the people and services you need. Expats will appreciate the WiFi calling and affordable calling abroad features. For expats looking to call home regularly, Vodafone is the telecommunication service in the UK for you.



Giffgaff is a mobile network run by you, their members which is one of the unique selling points. They don’t do contracts as they believe their customer should stay with them because they want to, not because they have to. They offer perks such as goodybags, credit, payback, and phones. For expats looking for flexibility and easy setup process, Griffgaff is the telecommunication service in the UK for you.


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  EE telecommunication

As one of the leading telecommunication services in the UK, EE has it all – SIM only plans, pay as you go, pay monthly phones and 4G/ Wifi plans. With a wide network, EE is among the first in the UK to embrace 5G. No other service gives you 5G in more places. Furthermore, if you have family members on your account, you can even share any spare data with those that need it the most. Above all, what we like about EE are all the free perks. In fact, select plans come bundled with Apple Music, BT Sport and video data passes – all for free, all for you.


  O2 Telecommunication

O2’s top pick is the 160GB, unlimited minutes and texts plan at just GBP 20/ month. So good that it even comes bundled with Disney+ and Apple Music! The plan also allows you to upgrade to a new phone after three months, and is an option for expats looking for a hardware upgrade. O2 is also one of the few telecommunication services in the UK to offer a spend cap. This means that any out-of-bundle charges will not exceed the cap, and chargeable usage past that point will be barred. This option is important for parents who are worried about the habits of their children, preventing nightmarish bills.


Three Telecommunication

New to the UK, and not sure which telecommunication service in the UK to go with? Three makes that decision easy for you, allowing you to try the network for free with 200MB of free data every month. This basic option even allows you to use your data in over 70 destinations around the world, all at no cost at all. From there if you decide that Three is the provider for you, you’re in luck. All Three SIM cards come with 5G ready, allowing you to embrace the future with ease. Three is also one of the most affordable providers in town, with unlimited data starting at only GBP 20/ month.




There you have it – a list of the who’s who of telecommunication services in the UK. For new expats to the UK, the journey can be daunting, but Moovaz will always be a trusted pillar of support. Get in touch with the Moovaz team today, to help you plan your journey.


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