Thank You, Lifemovers at Moovaz!

COVID-19 is a global pandemic that has rocked the world, with millions of cases worldwide.

Since then, countries have closed borders and implemented lockdowns and other social distancing measures. Businesses, schools and lives have been badly disrupted and hit harder than ever. Amidst the crisis, we tend to forget the people that have been braving the storm, working hard behind the scenes to keep us safe and ensuring that our lives can go on. 

During lockdowns, while most of us stayed home, our fulfilment team has never stopped working. Our superheroes have been working tirelessly, braving the pandemic so that Moovaz can continue to help families relocate worldwide. With their hard work, families can finally settle down safely and worry-free at their new homes. Our Moovaz team are not just movers, they are lifemovers. 

Apart from Moovaz superheroes, there are many other superheroes like medical professionals and cleaners working around the clock and serving on the frontlines, risking their lives just to keep us safe. 

To show our gratitude to our superheroes, Moovaz has worked with celebrities like “The Shark” Daymond John, Devon Windsor, Ne-Yo, Lindsay Lohan and Dr Oz to create an appreciation video for our lifemovers. 

As we continue to embrace this new normal, we hope that you can join us in thanking those around you that have made a difference in your lives. Share a post dedicated to a hero that you are thankful with hashtag #ThankaHero to thank them for the things they have done to make an impact on your life. 

Moovaz will continue to work hard through the crisis and help families and friends in their relocation journey, making it smooth, safe and easy. 



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