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cultivating resilience for a happier expat life

The 4 R’s To Cultivating Resilience For A Happier Expat Life

There are many reasons that make you decide to move. Whether you have plans to relocate to Manchester, New Zealand, or anywhere else in the world, becoming an expat and living life outside of one’s native country comes with its fair share of benefits and obstacles – challenges that require you to cultivate resilience to overcome.

Chances of growth, eye-opening experiences and career opportunities are only a few of the remarkably positive advantages. Despite these, it’s not all sunshine and roses. Feelings of isolation, culture shock, and stress in a new environment are some of the major setbacks that an expat can encounter throughout their journey.

It’s a fact that living life in a foreign place can be challenging at times. As such, it’s important to build up one’s resilience to persevere and achieve that personal success. Below, you can read some helpful tips to cultivate resilience and live a happier life in your new environment.

Remember your anchor

When you have a clear sense of the sources of meaning in your life, it can provide direction and help you prioritise in decisions. Remember your “why” to live and what matters most in your life – this becomes a backbone to cultivate resilience. This “why” can take the shape of many wonderful things, either in the form of a romantic partner, one’s familial responsibility, personal goals, or something else altogether.

Remembering what keeps you going, and putting it front and centre of your mind is a priceless and indispensable method to keep oneself looking ahead. This becomes a tool that you can rely on for strength and support, which can be the core to cultivate resilience.

Release your negative emotions healthily

It’s easy to slip into rumination when you’re stressed – and this is the habit of obsessing over negative events and replaying past hurts without feelings of resolution. It begins with the simple desire to solve the problems that are burdening you, but it can actually magnify your stress and negatively affect both your mind and body.

The mountain of things bearing on your mind may hinder you from being your best and causing you to lose focus. Instead of being overwhelmed by your stress, try to stay in the present by practising meditation or breathing techniques. Remind yourself that you can overcome your current challenge and regain your bearings when most needed.

Reform your inner critic to become productive

The worst enemy you can meet will always be yourself. When things go wrong or when we mess up, we can be too hard on ourselves. The voice of our inner critic can be useful in informing us of our shortcomings. It allows us to know what we can improve on, but it can also be harsh and cause excessive fear, anxiety or shame for ourselves.

Letting it run unchecked can affect your self-esteem and get in the way of performing at your peak. Instead, develop a more compassionate self-talk for your inner critic. Acknowledge your emotions after making a mistake and reflect with kindness to yourself on what you can learn or move forward. Instead of berating yourself, the practice is to turn your inner critic into a wise and kind inner coach.

Remind yourself of the positives

There are times when a series of days all seem to be anything but good. Due to this, it’s easy to tunnel vision and only see the bad or negative things that have happened. Train your brain to notice what’s right or going well to counter the human tendency of focusing on what’s wrong.

Get into the practice of maintaining a gratitude journal to focus on the positive in your life and see that there are silver linings to every terrible day. Write down every positive achievement, event, compliment, and anything else that has brought a smile to your face – no matter how small. Not only does it help to keep yourself reminded as you jot them down, but it is also a great pick-me-up when you’re feeling down. It’s an effective way to reduce stress and strengthen your emotional resilience.


The entire process of moving out of one’s own country can bring about a lot of stress and anxiety, which can last even after you’ve settled down. But by finding new ways to approach unforeseen problems and overcoming challenges, you can develop resilience and a happier, broader perspective on life.

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