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The Best International Pet Relocation Companies In The Netherlands

International relocation is always a daunting task, especially when you have to do it with your pets. Nevertheless,  you can now seek help from many international pet relocation companies in the Netherlands. With their help, you’ll be able to save time and focus entirely on other essential aspects of your move. 

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Best Pet Relocation Companies In The Netherlands
Flying Dutch Pets

Flying Dutch Pets

This pet relocation company that offers clear packages at a fixed price. Its simple 8-step process helps customers get quality services of their choice along with saving their time. They have packages that can be complemented with several upgrades to fulfill their customers’ specific needs. For instance, they offer First Class, Business Class packages, as well as a VIP (Very Important Pet) service, for which one of their staff will personally accompany your pet from A to B.

What the Customers Say:

Itzel Marcucci (Moved from Costa Rica to Amsterdam): “Absolutely outstanding service. Flying Dutch Pets provided all the information required to bring my dog from Costa Rica to Amsterdam. Thank you very much. I would definitely recommend them!

Pacific Pets Transport

Pacific Pet Transport

Based in Amsterdam, Pacific Pet Transport provides impressive pet relocation services. The best thing about their service is that you can get your pet transported to any part of the world!

They have over 15 years of experience in shipping animals across 168 countries around the globe. No matter how many pets you have, Pacific Pet Transport will be able to handle all the leg-and-paw work for you, giving you enough time to focus on other essential aspects of the move.  

What the Customers Say: 

Sada K. (Moved from Los Angeles, California to Rome, Italy): “Our dogs reached safely and relatively clean. Because of your preparation, there was not even any customs clearance–they just offloaded them, and we picked them up at the oversize luggage door. It all went smoothly. Thank you again for all your kind help. We will keep in touch. If you’re even coming to Italy, please let us know!”

Air Pets

Air Pets

This company is probably one of the most well known pet relocation companies that helps you transport your pet along to any part of the world. With close to 15 years of experience in shipping all kinds of animals, Air Pets is professional in maintaining convenient international pet travel. 

What the Customers Say:  

David Peterson (Moved from London to Phoenix): “AirPets did an excellent job helping us to ship our two cats from London to Phoenix. They were very patient about answering all of our questions. We had an excellent experience, and we highly recommend using Air Pets.”

Zoo Logistics

Zoo Logistics

The company provides incredible pet transport services for both you and your pet. Besides its affordability, Zoo Logistics also offers its customers multiple services like: 

  1. Convenience and ease of pet transport to every corner of the world.
  2. It provides safe commercial transport and a means of accessible transport for organic produce.
  3. It also offers safe and hassle-free exotic animal travel for zoos.  

What the Customers Say: 

Nancy Van Vlerken (Moved from Amsterdam to Auckland): “Great friendly service and help with the paperwork. Marsanne, the Maine Coon cat from Amsterdam to Aukland. An excellent experience. Thank you.”

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Animals To Fly

Founded in 1990 and has now completed 30 years of professional pet relocation services. It is famous for providing quality services of moving animals of all kinds, from domestic to non-domestic animals transported to zoos. 

The company has now expanded its wings in over 217 destinations around the globe and has completed 34800 modes of transport successfully.

What the Customers Say: 

Shona Bee (Moved from the Netherlands to Auckland): “Wonderful staff, great communication & our dog arrived safely in Auckland after a long journey from The Netherlands. A great experience with the friendliest animal logistics team.”

Pet Relocation

Pet Relocation

The company has been providing services for international pet transport since 2004. It makes the pet relocation process easier by guiding people through the complicated process of both domestic and international travel.

A professional, pet-loving, and expert team helps your pet feel at ease during all its travel. The company is famous for: 

  1. Its deep experience in providing quality services. 
  2. A top-notch and experienced team. 
  3. Its trusted network and connections with vendor partners across the world. 
  4. Its full-service team. 

What the Customers Say: 

Kryse Ynieto (Moved from SFO to Singapore): “We highly recommend Pet Relocation. Moving two French Bulldogs across the world (from SFO To Singapore) during a global pandemic was never on either of our bucket lists – but Kelcey (and Sarah) made this journey possible and managed to help us keep our family together. They did all of this despite our sometimes panicky moods! Both our babies have arrived on time and safely – thanks to the fantastic service provided by Pet Relocation.

Starwood Animal Transport

Starwood Animal Transport

They provide professional services for pet relocation anywhere in the world. It offers door-to-door services for both domestic and international pet travel. Moreover, it provides assistance with health certificates, travel documents, other essential certificates, local taxi service to and from the airport, flight reservations, and travel consultation services.  

What the Customers Say: 

Linda Redd (Moved from California to Edinburgh): “I would highly recommend Starwood. You have no idea what all is needed when your pet is traveling to another country. It took a while due to all the issues with Covid. But thanks to Sarah and Melissa everything worked out very well. My grandpup made it from California to Edinburgh safely and was very well taken care of on the way. Thank you all at Starwood.” 

Air Transport Animal

Air Transport Animal

This company provides pet relocation services, including administrative and / or veterinary procedures. ATA also has various options for its customers to choose from, such as the most cost-effective option, the Easy+ package which includes door-to-door pet transportation, and an Airport Assistance package, to assist you and your pet with transfers within airport terminals.

Its pet relocation services covers destinations like Bahrain, Australia, Malta, New Caledonia, Singapore, UAE, Hong Kong, China, etc. 

What the Customers Say: 

Florian Djondo (from the Netherlands to Canada): “I had to travel with my pet to Canada; the experience with Air Transport Animal was great from start to finish. They are very responsive, very professional; they take the time to validate everything with you at the administrative level. I recommend this company for anyone wishing to travel with their pets.


As a pet owner, it can be stressful trying to relocate with your furry friend while worrying for their comfort and safety. With the help of these professionals, you can receive guidance and expertise for a hassle-free pet relocation process.

It is also important to plan ahead when dealing with international pet relocation. As a general guide, you should start the process at least 3 months in advance.

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